Welcome to the McRae Family Website, which consists mostly of a number of literary, educational, and speculative projects by Graeme and his dad, Eion.  These are:

The Young Alexandra is the story of the youth of Alexandra Teploff n?e Meyendorff (1907–2008), a figure well remembered in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, for her decades of inspiring work in teaching and other services to the community. The story begins with Alexandra's origins in the aristocracy of pre-revolutionary Russia, and her birth and early childhood in the privileged opulence of the Meyendorff household in St Petersburg. It continues with her family's flight from the city to escape the mounting fury of the Revolution, a flight that led to an extended anxious and gritty sojourn in the Russian countryside and eventually a quick dash across the border to the relative safety of Estonia. It concludes with Alexandra, by this time a young woman, leaving Estonia to find an independent life in America.

A Gourmet in Hyperspace is a novel set in the turbulent final years of the Prohibition era, shortly before Prohibition was repealed on 30 December 1989... 1989?!  Hello there, wasn't Prohibition repealed in 1932?  Yes, one of them was.  But as related in A Gourmet in Hyperspace, there were were actually two Prohibitions.  This came about in a way that did not make it into history books...  (more)

Graeme - ideas, rants, opinions, collections of links, and writings on various topics, loosely organized in a hierarchical structure.

Math Help - Graeme's effort to classify a variety mathematical topics to be educational and helpful to students through high school and maybe the first year of college.  My aim is not to be comprehensive, but rather to be clear helpful in the areas I address.

Ian and Blanche Story - The story of Eion's parents, which Eion researched quite a few years ago on a visit to Australia.

Enjoying Little Restaurants in France - Eion and Jean's guidebook in which they share their experiences and advice.

Clan Macrae History in Scotland from the 15th to 19th centuries, from the public domain Clan Book, which Graeme "webified".

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