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The Macraes were a small but important clan in the district of Kintail, in the south-west of the county of Ross, Scotland, where they are said to have settled in the fourteenth century, under the chieftanship of the Barons Mackenzie of Kintail.

The Clan Macrae Newsletter is for the descendants of Fionnla Dubh Mac Gillechriosd (gen 1) -- Black Finlay -- the founder of the Clan Macrae of Kintail, who lived circa 1416.  Published monthly by Graeme McRae since June, 2003, its purpose is to share the genealogy of our family tree with one another.  I encourage emails from my readers containing genealogies and stories about our family, which I will publish in future issues, along with legends lifted straight out of the Clan Macrae Book 2 , published in 1899 (its copyright has expired, so plagiarism is legal).

Current issue

August, 2003 -- Jane McCrea, "The Bride of Fort Edward"

The featured story this month is about the tragic murder of
Jane McCrea in 1777, in America, by Indians loyal to the British.

Past issues

June, 2003 -- The 1539 Seige of Ellandonan Castle
In this battle, Duncan Mac Gillchriosd, who happened to be in the neighborhood, defended the castle with just himself and one other man against Donald Gorm, a MacDonald, killing him with a single arrow to his foot.
July, 2003 -- The Battle of Park
This 15th century battle ensued after Kenneth, a Mackenzie, was insulted by his father-in-law's nephew (a cousin-in-law?) and then Kenneth sent his wife, a MacDonald (who was blind in one eye) back to her father on a one-eyed horse, accompanied by a one-eyed servant and a one-eyed dog!

Clan History Pages -- the Clan Macrae Book (transcription to the web is in progress).

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1. I write a generation number, such as (gen 1), after names of descendants of Fionnla Dubh Mac Gillechriosd to help you place a person on the family tree.

2. The "Clan Macrae Book" is titled History of the Clan Macrae, by the Rev. Alexander Macrae, B.A., published in 1899 by Dingwall: A. M. Ross and Company. (Reprinting available from

3. The Macrae Clan newsletter is published using the zinester service.