History of the Clan Macrae


Alister Dubh Chisholm and The Macraes of Strathglass

(Previously: Christopher, Constable of Ellandonan and His Family)

While Finlay was visiting his brother in Strathglass, his wife went along with him to see her mother.  During this visit Finlay's wife made the acquaintance of a man called Alister Dubh, a son of Chisholm of Comer.  Alister Dubh afterwards followed her to Kintail, and, taking advantage one day of Finlay's absence from home, eloped with her to Strathglass.  She had a young boy called Christopher, whom she took with her.   This Christopher settled in Strathglass, where he became a man of importance and means, and from him the Macraes of Strathglass were descended.  Finlay, believing that his wife had encouraged Alister Dubh's plot, did not attempt to bring her back, and disowned her henceforth.

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