History of the Clan Macrae


Angus Og of Glengarry invades Lochcarron

(Previously: Duncan and a Companion take part in the Flight of Leac na Falla, in Skye)

In his youth Duncan took a prominent part in the great Glengarry feud.  On one occasion, during the temporary absence of Kenneth, Lord Kintail, in Mull, Angus Og, son and heir of Macdonald of Glengarry, and one of the bravest and most daring of all his warriors, made a raid on Lochcarron in November, about 1602, and put to death as many of Kintail's supporters -- men, women, and children -- as he could hay hold of, seized the cattle and drove them to Slumbay on the north coast of Lochcarron, where his followers had left their boats.  Meantime news of the raid reached Kintail, and a number of men immediately set out for Lochcarron, but before they arrived Angus Og had already put out to sea, and was beyond reach even of their arrows.  The Kintail men now returned to Ellandonan, but a few of the swiftest runners among them took the shortest cut to Inverinate, where they launched a newly-built twelve-oared galley belonging to Duncan's father, and proceeded with all speed to Ellandonan, their plan being, if possible, to intercept Angus Og before he could pass through Kylerea.

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