History of the Clan Macrae


Christopher (gen 4), Constable of Ellandonan

(Previously: Miles, son of Finlay, killed at Kinlochewe)

Christopher, eldest son of Finlay, was appointed Constable of Ellandonan Castle, as already stated, probably about 1511.  Very little is known about him except that he held the office with trustworthiness and success, until shortly before Donald Gorm's invasion of Kintail in 1539.  His sons were--

His Family

1. Christopher (gen 5), called Christopher Beg (Little Christopher), whose male succession terminated in 1685.

2. Duncan (gen 5), of whom below.

3. Farquhar (gen 5), progenitor of the Torlysich family, of whom hereafter.  The descendants of this Farquhar were called the Black Macraes, as distinguished from the descendants of his brother Duncan, who were called the Fair Macraes.

4. Finlay, called Finlay Dubh (gen 5).  He married Isabel, daughter of Sir Dougal Mackenzie, Priest of Kintail, who is spoken of as a very beautiful woman, but of doubtful character.  Finlay lived at Aryugan, near Ardintoul.  While his brother Duncan, who married Sir Dougal's widow, was living in Strathglass, as mentioned below, Finlay went to see him, and his wife went along with him to see her mother.  During this visit Finlay's wife made the acquaintance of a man called Alister Dubh, a son of Chisholm of Comer.

5. John (gen 5)

6. Donald (gen 5).

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