History of the Clan Macrae


Donnacha Mor na Tuagh

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Duncan, who was the most noted of Christopher's sons, is known in the traditions of Kintail as Donnacha Mor na Tuagh (Big Duncan of the Battle-axe).  He was a man of great valor and personal strength, and many legends have been preserved of the brave deeds he performed in the contests of the Mackenzies and the Macraes with their common enemies.   He greatly distinguished himself with his battle-axe at the Battles of Park, which was fought at Strathpeffer between the Mackdonalds and the Mackenzies shortly before the death of Alexander Ionraic, which took place in 1488.

The male succession of Duncan Mor na Tuagh failed in the person of Duncan Roy Macrae, who died at Conchraig of Tollie in 1679.

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