History of the Clan Macrae


Fight at the Cailleach Rock

(Previously: Lady Mackenzie and the Kintail Men prepare to intercept Augus Og on his return)

The Kintail men soon discovered that Macdonald's galley was Angus Og's great thirty-two oared galley, sailing some distance ahead of the rest of his fleet with "his best men and gentlemen" on board.  Upon observing the Kintail galley, which was quickly approaching him, Angus challenged it two or three times, but the only answer he received was a broadside from the brass cannon, which, breaking some of the oars, disabled his galley and threw it on the Cailleach Rock.  His men, thinking they were driven ashore, crowded onto the rock.  When they discovered their mistake, and found a stretch of water lying between them and the mainland, they became completely confused and fell easy victims to their assailants.  Some of them attempted to escape by swimming, but they no sooner reached the shore than they were dispatched by men whom Duncan landed by the little boat for that purpose.  Angus had about sixty men on board his galley, every one of whom was either killed or drowned.  

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