History of the Clan Macrae


The Rev. Finlay Macrae of Lochalsh

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4a2b. The Rev. Finlay Macrae of Lochalsh (gen 10), second son of Donald Og, was educated at St. Leonard's College, St. Andrews, and obtained his degree on the 24th July, 1679.  He officiated for a time in the Island of Cumbray, in the fifth of Clyde, which he left at the time of the Revolution in 1688.  He was afterwards presented to the parish of Lochalsh by Frances, Countess of Seaforth, in 1695.

Jacobite and Episcopalian

Being a strong Jacobite and Episcopalian, he refused to conform to Presbytery, or to take the prescribed oaths, and was consequently looked upon as an intruder by the Presbyterians.

Supports Rising of 1715

In 1715 he strongly urged his parishioners to take up arms on behalf of the House of Stuart, under William, Earl of Seaforth, and it was, no doubt, to some extent owing to his influence that so many of the men of Lochalsh joined in that rising.

Deprived of his Living

His sympathy with the House of Stuart cost him his parish, of which he was deprived on the 21st September, 1716.  The Rev. Finlay is said to have been "a great philosopher and divine, a clear preacher, of ministerial and dignified appearance, and much given to hospitality and charity."

His Marriage

He married Margaret, daughter of Duncan Macrae of Inverinate, with issue, and died not later than 1728, as his son, John, was served heir on the 15th October of that year.

His Descendants

So far as it can now be traced, the succession of the Rev. Finlay is as follows --

1. John (gen 11), eldest son of the Rev. Finlay, was served heir on the 15th October, 1728.  Tradition says he was one of the best swordsmen of his time in the Highlands (see Legends and Traditions), and he appears to have been a man of mark in his own country.  He had a son --

1.1.  Alexander (gen 12), (son of John, son of Rev Finlay), who married, as his first wife, Isabella Macrae, and had issue,

1.1a. Hector (gen 13) married Anne Macrae, with issue; --

1.1a1. Alexander (gen 14), now [in 1899] a blacksmith at Bundalloch, married with issue; and

1.1a2. John (gen 14), who died about 1890, leaving issue.

1.1b. Isabella (gen 13).

Alexander (gen 12), (son of John, son of Rev Finlay), married, as his second wife, Kate Macrae, and had issue.

1.1c. Duncan (gen 13), who married Flora, daughter of John Macrae by his wife, Catherine, daughter of John Og. Son of the Rev. Donald Macrae of Kintail, and by her had issue --

1.1c1. John (gen 14), married with issue, in America;

1.1c2. Alexander (gen 14), who died unmarried;

1.1c3. Donald (gen 14), now living at Fadoch, married a daughter of the late Alexander Macrae, commonly known as Alister Mor na Pait (Big Alexander of Patt) and had issue: --

1.1c3a. Duncan (gen 15)

1.1c3b. Helen (gen 15)

1.1c3c. Alexander (gen 15)

1.1c3d. John (gen 15), now [in 1899] living in London, and by whom this statement of the descendants of his grandfather, Duncan (son of Alexander, son of John, son of Rev. Finlay), was given to the author in November, 1896.

1.1c3e. Catherine (gen 15)

1.1c3f. Duncan (gen 15)

1.1c3g. Farquhar (gen 15)

1.1c3h. James (gen 15)

1.1c3i. Donald (gen 15)

1.1c3j. Flora (gen 15)

1.1c4 Anne (gen 14), married with issue, in America;

1.1c5 Isabella (gen 14)

1.1c6 Flora (gen 14)

1.1c7 Helen (gen 14), married in Strathglass

1.1c8 Catherine (gen 14), married Donald Macdonald, with issue

1.1d. John (gen 13)

1.1e. Farquhar (gen 13), married with issue, and went to America

1.1f. Mary (gen 13)

1.1g. Catherine (gen 13)

1.1h. Rebecca. (gen 13)

2. Hector (gen 11), who was tacksman of Ardelve, and was alive in 1761, as he is said to have been tutor or guardian to the family of John Macrae of Conchra, who died in that year.

3. Donald (gen 11), called Donald Bane, married Barbara Macrae, widow of John, son of the Rev. Donald Macrae of Kintail, with issue --

3a. Finlay (gen 12), called Finlay Fadoch, a well-known schoolmaster in Fadoch, and afterwards in Ardelve, about [ just before and just after 1800].  He afterwards went, when a very old man, to America.  He married a daughter of John Macrae (Ian Mac Mhurachaidh), the Kintail poet, and had issue --

3a1. Duncan (gen 13, born 1803),

3a2. Anne (gen 13), who married Duncan Macrae, Drudaig, and went to America.

3a3. Barbara (gen 13), who married Kenneth Mackenzie, Lochcarron, with issue

3a3a. Kenneth (gen 14)

3a3b. Malcolm (gen 14)

3a3c. Thomas (gen 14)

3b. Jane (gen 12), who married Murdoch Macrae, who had a son, Malcolm, who married Janet Macrae and had a son John, now [in 1899] living at Dornie, and a daughter, Isabella, married to Roderick Matheson at Totaig Ferry.

4. Marion (gen 11), daughter of the Rev. Finlay, married John Matheson, and had, with other issue, a son,

4a. Alexander (gen 12), who was for some years tenant of Reraig, in Lochalsh, and afterwards merchant and schoolmaster at Dornie.  He married Catherine Matheson of the Bennetsfield family, and had with other issue --

4a1. John (gen 13), who married Isabella, daughter of Donald Macrae, and had a large family, of whom are Alexander Matheson, ship owner, and Betsie Matheson, shopkeeper, both living at Dornie.

4a2. Farquhar (gen 13), who married Isabella, daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, Kishorn, of the Applecross family, and had a large family, one of whom is Kenneth Matheson, merchant, Salen, in Argyllshire, who is married, with issue.  Another is the well-known Dr. Farquhar Matheson, of London.  After studying at the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen, and graduating in medicine, Dr. Farquhar Matheson went as a young man to London, where he has risen to eminence in his profession, and is particularly recognized as an experienced and skilful specialist in diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.  He is one of the surgeons to the Royal Ear and Throat Hospital, London.  For many years he has been one of the best known and most influential Highlanders in London, and is at the present time (1896) President of the Gaelic Society of London, Joint Secretary of the Highland Society, Governor and Surgeon to the Royal Scottish Hospital, a Justice of the Peace for the County of London, and a Fellow of several learned and scientific Societies.  Dr. Matheson is married and has issue, two daughters, Isabel and Barbara, and a son, Farquhar, at present a student of Cambridge University.

4a3. Margaret (gen 13) married Farquhar Matheson, and had, with other issue, a daughter, Margaret, who married Duncan Matheson, innkeeper, Dornie, and had issue: -- Donald, now living in Glasgow, married Christina Macpherson, with issue; Farquhar, now living at Dornie, married Jane Macrae (Auchtertyre family); Mary married Andrew Ross; Margaret married Farquhar Macrae now living at Inversheil. (3)

5. Isabel (gen 11), who married Duncan, son of Alexander Macrae of Conchra, with issue.

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