History of the Clan Macrae


John, son of Christopher (Chapter 3, Generation 7)

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The Rev. John, third son of Christopher (gen 6),  was "a man of an able and strong body, a sharp and sagacious mind, and somewhat more curious in his learning than his elder brother, Mr. Farquhar."  He studied medicine and left behind him a great reputation among his own countrymen for his skill as a physician.  He was married to a daughter of Dugald Matheson of Balmacarra, and lived to a great age.  He left three sons -- Christopher, Donald, and Duncan.

The following extract, from the Rev. John Macrae's history, is interesting as showing what an expensive luxury tobacco was in the days of Mr. John: --

"I remember that after Mr. John's death, when his friends were examining his papers, there was among them a letter directed to him at Edinburgh from Alexander Mackenzie, the first of the family of Kilcoy, and son of Colin Cam, (gen 11) of Kintail, telling he had received the pound of tobacco sent him, and blaming Mr. John for not sending him more of it, as he got it so cheap as twenty pounds Scots the pound,"

that is 1 13s 4d sterling.  It need hardly be added that this sum meant much more than it does now [in 1899].

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