History of the Clan Macrae


Other Descendants of Christopher (gen 6)

(Previously: Tutor or Governor to Colin, Earl Seaforth)

1. Duncan, called Donnacha Mac Gillechriosd, is said to have been one of the biggest and strongest men in the Highlands.  "He was equal in height and bulk of body" to John Grant, the contemporary Laird of Glenmoriston, commonly called Ian Mor a Chasteil (Big John of the Castle). (2)  We are told that Duncan could pass through the doorway of the Church at Kintail only by turning sideways, and it appears, from what the clan historian relates of him, that he was no less remarkable for his prowess and force of character than fro his bodily size.  "He was a stout, forward, and bloody man, and delighted much in arms."

2. The Rev. Farquhar, second son of Christopher, born 1580.

3. The Rev. John (gen 7), third son of Christopher (gen 6), was "a man of an able and strong body, a sharp and sagacious mind, and somewhat more curious in his learning than his elder brother, Mr. Farquhar."  He had three sons:

3a. Christopher,

3b. Donald, and

3c. Duncan.

4. Finlay, fourth son of Christopher (gen 6), and (gen 7) from Finlay Dubh Mac Gille Chriosd, is said to have been a handsome man, and of good ability according to the education he received.  He was frugal and industrious, and left considerable means to his children.  He did not live long, but left four sons, the eldest of whom was

Donald (gen 8), called Domhnull Dubh.  He is spoken of as an able, strong man, of good sense, and well to live.  He had five sons and three daughters--

Christopher (gen 9), "a well-humored, free-hearted gentleman," died young and without issue.

Donald (gen 9), son of Donald Dubh, was called Donald Og (Donald the younger).  He is said to have been weel known in the North, and in many parts of the South, for an "Affable, generous gentleman."  He was endowed with great natural parts and ready wit, and though he got little education, he was Chamberlain of Kintail for several years, and discharged the duties of the post with exactness and success.  He married, first, Anne, daughter of Alexander Macrae of Inverinate, who died within a year of her marriage, without issue.  He married, secondly, Isabel, daughter of John Grant of Corrimony, by whom he had several sons and daughters, though the names of only three are recorded --

Alexander, for whom he made liberal provisions.

The Rev. Finlay, described in the next section.

The Rev. Duncan, who was a youth of great promise, and an eloquent preacher.  He was educated at Aberdeen, and was tutor in the family of Mackenzie of Findon, where he died in November, 1690.  He was buried in Dingwall.

Finlay (gen 9).

Duncan (gen 9).

Farquhar (gen 9).

A daughter (gen 9), who married Alexander Macrae of Achyark, son of Alexander of Inverinate.

Margaret (gen 9), who married Farquhar, son of Alexander of Inverinate.

A daughter (gen 9), who married Alexander, brother-german of Murdoch Mackenzie of Fairburn.

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