History of the Clan Macrae



Title Page

Chapter 1

Country of the Macraes
Meaning and Probable Origin of the Name
Its First Appearance as a Surname
Traditional Origin of the Clan Macrae
Macraes in the Districts of Clunes and Glenurquhart
Migration to Kintail
Campbells of Craignish said to be of Macrae Origin
The Connection of the Macraes with the House of Kintail
Also with the House of Gairloch
The Macraes were Episcopalians and Jacobites
Macraes in the Seaforth Regiments
The Rev. John Macrae's MS. History of the Clan

Chapter 2

(gen 1). Fionnla Dubh Mac Gillechriosd

His Family

(gen 2). Christopher and His Family

Donnacha Mor na Taugh
Battles of Park
Bealach Glasleathaid, and a Druim a Chait

(gen 3). Finlay

Supports John of Killin against Hector Roy
Finlay's son made Constable of Ellandonan Castle
Ian Mor nan Cas
Miles, son of Finlay, killed at Kinlochewe

(gen 4). Christopher, Constable of Ellandonan

His Family
Alister Dubh Chisholm
The Macraes of Strathglass

(gen 5). Duncan Mac Gillechriosd

Donald Gorm Macdonald of Sleat besieges Ellandonan Castle, and is killed
Duncan goes to the Lovat Country
Returns to Kintail and Settles at Inverinate
Duncan's Family
General Monk in Kintail

Chapter 3

(gen 6). Christopher

Constable of Ellandonan Castle
Origin of Feud between Kintail and Glengarry
Christopher and his Family contributed to Kintail's success
Christopher an enterprising Cattle Dealer
His Convivial Habits
His Friendship with Sir Donald Macdonald of Sleat
Christopher's Marriage and Family
Duncan called Donnacha Mac Gillechriosd
One of the Biggest Men in the Highlands
Duncan and a Companion take part in the Flight of Leac na Falla, in Skye
Angus Og of Glengarry invades Lochcarron
Lady Mackenzie and the Kintail Men prepare to intercept Augus Og on his return
Fight at the Cailleach Rock
Death of Angus Og
His Burial at Kilduich
Duncan robbed at Elycht Fair
The Rev. John, son of Christopher (gen 6)
Tutor or Governor to Colin, Earl Seaforth
Other Descendants of Christopher (gen 6)
The Rev. Finlay Macrae of Lochalsh
Jacobite and Episcopalian
Supports Rising of 1715
Deprived of his Living
His Marriage
His Descendants
Maurice, son of Christopher (gen 6)
Christopher Og
Domhnul na Smurich, and
Donald Beg

Chapter 4

(gen 7) Rev. Farquhar Macrae

Chosen to be one of the Regents of Edinburgh University
Appointment opposed by Lord Kintail
Headmaster of Fortrose Grammar School
Admitted to Holy Orders
Appointed Vicar of Gairloch
Ironworks in Gairloch
Sir George Hay and Mr. Farquhar
Sir George appointed High Chancellor of Scotland, and created Earl of Kinnoull
His subsequent Career and Death
His Offers to Mr. Farquhar
Mr. Farquhar persuaded by the "Tutor of Kintail" to decline them
Mr. Farquhar visits Lews
Death of Lord Kintail
Mr. Farquhar appointed Vicar of Kintail and Constable of Ellandonan Castle.
Earl Colin's periodical visits to Kintail
Wadsets to Mr. Farquhar and his Sons.
Earl Kenneth receives his Early Education from Mr. Farquhar
Complaints made to the Bishop of Mr. Farquhar's worldliness
Preaches before the Bishop
Complaints dismissed
Leaves Ellandonan Castle
General monk's Visit to Kintail
The Rev. Donald Macrae appointed to Kintail as Assistant to his Father
Social Circumstances of Kintail in Mr. Farquhar's time
His Marriage and Family
His Death

Chapter 5

(gen 8). Alexander of Inverinate

Chamberlain of Kintail
his Marriages and Family
Rev. John Macrae, last Episcopalian Minister of Dingwall
Difficulties connected with the Appointment of his Successor
Author of Histories of the Mackenzies and of the Macraes
His Marriage and family
Rev. Alexander Macrae founds a Roman Catholic Mission in Kintail
Alexander Macrae, merchant, Bristol, leaves Money for the Education of Boys of the name Macrae
Other Descendants of the Rev. John Macrae of Dingwall
The Rev. Donald Macrae, last Episcopalian Minister of Kintail
He supports the Jaobite Cause
Battles of Sheriffmuir and Glensheil
Kintail Church Destroyed by the Crew of a Man-of-War
Episcopalianism in Kintail
The Rev. Donald Macrae's Marriage and Descendants
Farquhar of Morvich and his Family
Ian Mac Mhurachidh, the Kintail Poet
Murdoch, son of Alexander of Inverinate
His Tragic End
The Glenlic Hunt
Traditions and Poems connected therewith

Chapter 6

(gen 9) Duncan, called Donnachadh nam Pis

His Character and Attainments
Traditions about Him
The Silver Herring
The Oak Trees at Inverinate
Duncan as a Poet
The Fernaig Manuscript
A Valuable Contribution to Gaelic Literature
Religion and Politics of the Poems contained in it
Professor Mackinnon's Estimate of Donnachadh nam Pis and his Work
His Tragic End
His Marriage and Family

(gen 10) Farquhar

His Marriage and Family

(gen 11) Duncan

His Marriage and family

Chapter 7

(gen 12) Farquhar, Last of Inverinate

His Marriages and Family
Captain Duncan Macrae and his Descendants
Colonel Kenneth Macrae
Jean arried the Rev. John Macqueen of Applecross
Her Descendants
Dr. John Macrae and his Descentants
Dr. Farquhar Macrae
Represents Colin Fitzgerald in Benjamin West's Painting in Brahan Castle
Killed in a Duel
Madeline Married the Rev. John Macrae of Glensheil
Her Descendants
Anne married Lachlan Mackinnon of Corriechatachan
Her Descendants
Florence married Captain Kenneth Mackenzie of Kerrisdale
Her Descendants

(gen 13) Colin

His Marriage and Family

(gen 14) John Anthony

His Marriage and Family

(gen 15) Colin George

His Marriage and Family

Chapter 8

Christopher, son of Alexander of Inverinate
Tacksman of Aryugan
His Marriage and Descendants
Mathesons of Lochalsh and the Rev. Dr. Kennedy of Dingwall Descended from Him
Other Descendants of Christopher
John, son of Christopher
His Marriage and Descendants

Chapter 9

(gen 9) Hugh, son of Alexander of Inverinate

(gen 10) Alexander of Ardintoul

Was at the Battles of Sheriffmuir and Glensheil
Traditions about Him

(gen 9) Archibald of Ardintoul

His Marriage and Descendants
Colonel Sir John Macra
Alexander of Hushiuish
His Marriage and Family

Chapter 10

(gen 8) The Rev. John Macrae of Dingwall

Birth and Education
Appointment to the Living of Dingwall
He Supports the Episcopal Party
Mr. Thomas Hogg and Mr. John Mackillicau
Ecclesiastical Affairs in Dingwall after the Restoration of Charles II
Mr. John's Marriages and Family
The Macraes of Balnain and their Descendants

(gen 9) Alexander Macrae of Conchra

His Marriage and Family

(gen 10) John of Conchra

One of the "Four Johns of Scotland."
Killed at Sheriffmuir
His Marriage and Family

(gen 11) John of Conchra

His Marriage and Family

(gen 12) Major Colin of Conchra

His Marriage and Descendants

Chapter 11

(gen 8) The Rev. Donald Macrae, son of the Rev. Farquhar

Vicar of Urray
Chaplain to Seaforth's Regiment
Commissioner to the General Assembly
Vicar of Kintail
His Marriage and Descendants
The Drudaig Family

Chapter 12

(gen 8) Miles, son of the Rev. Farquhar Macrae

Receives a joint wadset of Camusluinie
His Marriage and Descendants
The Camusluinie Family

(gen 8) Murdoch, son of the Rev. Farquhar Macrae

His Descendants

Chapter 13

(gen 8) John Braec, son of the Rev. Farquhar

Foster Brother of Kenneth, third Earl of Seaforth
Under Factor or Chamberlain of Kintail
His Marriage and Descendants
The Auchtertyre Family
Finlay, son of John Breac
Killed at the Battle of Glensheil
His Marriage and Descendants
The Carr Family

Chapter 14

(gen 5) Farquhar, son of Constable Christopher Macrae of Ellandonan Castle

Progenitor of the Black Macraes
Fearachar Mac Ian Oig
The Rev. Donald Macrae of Lochalsh
Tradition about Ancestry of Governor James Macrae of Madras
Domhnull Og
High-handed proceedings of Garrison placed in Ellandonan by the Parliment after the Execution of Charles I
Fight between the Garrison and the Kintail Men
Domhnull Og's Descendants
Donnacha Mor Mac Alister killed at Sheriffmuir
Maurice of Achyuran
His Marriage and Descendants
The Rev. John Macrae of Knockbain
Eonachan Dubh and his Descendants
Domhnull Mac Alister, Progenitor of the Torlysich Family
Killed at Sheriffmuir
His Marriage and Descendants

Chapter 15

Finlay, son of Christopher of Aryugan
Settled in Lochcarron
Fionnla nan Gobhar
His Family
Donald Macrae of Achintee
Ruling Elder of the Parish of Lochcarron
His Marriage and Descendants

Chapter 16

Governor James Macrae of Madras 
Tradition about his Ancestry 
His Humble Birth 
Goes to Sea 
Mission to Sumatra 
Governor of Madras 
Return to Scotland 
His Death 
His Heirs 
Their Marriages and Descendants 

Chapter 17

A Romance of Sheriffmuir: The Rev. James Macrae of Sauchieburn 
The Rev. David Macrae of Oban and afterwards of Glasgow 
The Rev. David Macrae of Gourock, and afterwards of Dundee 

Chapter 18

The Macraes of Wilmington
Connection with the Macraes of Kintail
Ruari Donn
His Descendants
General William Macrae

Chapter 19

Ian Mac Fhionnla Mhic Ian Bhuidhe
A Sheriffmuir Warrior
His Descendants

Chapter 20

The McCreas of Guernsey 
Descended from the Macraes of Kintail 
Connection with Ulster 
Emigrated to America 
Jane McCrea, "The Bride of Fort Edward." 
Major Robert McCrea in the American War of Independence 
Governor of Chester Castle 
Connection with Guernsey 
His Marriages and Descendants

Chapter 21

A Tradition of the Time Montrose
Macraes in Galloway
Alexander Macrae of Glenlair married Agnes Gordon of Carleton
Their Descendants

Chapter 22

Legends and Traditions of the Clan Macrae
How the Macraes first came to Kintail
How St. Fillan became the Greatest of Physicians and made the Inhabitants of Kintail Strong and Healthy
How Ellandonan Castle came to be built
How Donnacha Mor na Tuaigh fouht at the Battle of Park
How the Great Feud between Kintail and Glengarry began
How Ian Breac Mac Mhaighster Fearachar made Lochiel retract a fow against the Men of Kintail
Tradition about Muireach Fial
Tradition about Fearachar Mac Ian Oig
Tradition about the Glenlic Hunt
Traditions about Donnacha Mor Mac Alister
Traditions about Eonachan Dubh
How Ian Mor Mac Mhaighster Fionnla killed the Soldiers
A Tradition of Sheriffmuir
How a Kintail Man was innocently hanged by the Duke of Cumberland
Some Macrae Traditions from Gairloch


Appendix A

Rev. John Macrae's Account of the Origin of the Macraes

Appendix B

The Prophesy of St. Berchan.
The Dean of Lismore's Book

Appendix C

Bond of Friendship between the Macraes of Kintail and the Campbells of Craignish, 1702

Appendix D

The Seaforth Highlanders.
The Affair of the Macraes

Appendix E


Appendix F

Royal Lineage of certain Families of the Clan Macrae

Appendix G

The House of Kintail

Appendix H

Rent Rolls of Kintail and Glensheil

Appendix I

Feadan Dubh Chintaille

Appendix J

The Poetry of the Macraes

Appendix K

Macrae Traditions in Gairloch

Appendix L

The Macra Bursaries

Appendix M

Extract from Minutes of Court held at Inverness to inquire into the Affair of the Ath Nam Muileach

Addendum 1

Addendum 2