A Gourmet in Hyperspace

A Novel

A Gourmet in Hyperspace is set in the turbulent final years of the Prohibition era, shortly before Prohibition was repealed on 30 December 1989.

1989? I hear you ask. Hello there, wasn't Prohibition repealed in 1932?

Yes, one of them was. But as related in A Gourmet in Hyperspace, there were were actually two Prohibitions. This came about in a way that did not make it into history books:

In America, early in the 20th century, people were in a mood to prohibit something other people enjoyed, and either of two popular beverages seemed ripe for prohibition. Booze was disapproved of for its addictive properties, milk for its content of filthy and dangerous contaminants.

There was a hitch, though. The votes for prohibition of each beverage were balanced exactly. Congress was deadlocked. Tension mounted, but neither side gave an inch. Something had to give....

In the end the matter was decided by a rather unusual cosmological event. The universe suddenly split into two universes, moieties identical to each other in every detail except in respect to prohibited beverages. In one universe, Prohibition applied to whisky and other tipples. In the other, as has been until now glossed over, Prohibition applied to milk and other animal products for use as food.

A minor difference, but as related in A Gourmet in Hyperspace, a minor difference with major consequences.

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