Locations of Places in France

Practically every region of France is heir to a characteristic culinary tradition. Consequently, to a gourmet, location is not just a matter of directions and distances, but of  tastes and aromas as well. While the fascinating variations among regional ingredients and styles of cooking are gradually being smeared out, location still counts.

Here are a couple of examples to show how we specify locations in France. The numbers in bold type are French telephone area codes--01 for the Paris metropolitan area and 02...05 for the North-East through South-West quadrants of the country exclusive of Paris. To find specified locations on a map, we suggest using our Map of Area Codes and Regions and the town or Paris Métro-stop maps to which links are given where appropriate.

In accounts of restaurant visits, we give the street address and phone number of a restaurant only if it is not listed in the Michelin Guide to Hotels and Restaurants.