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Here's one of the greener branches of our family tree:

Eion (physicist (retired) and novelist) and Jean live in New Jersey.  They have two boys: Graeme (b.1957) and Colin (b.1960)

Graeme (website, email, twitter, linked-in, facebook, myspace) married Catherine, and they live in California.  They have three kids: Caitlin (b.1986), Matthew (b.1988) and Meghan (b.1991)

Caitlin (myspace)

Matthew (facebook, myspace)

Meghan (myspace)

Colin married Crystal, and they live in Maryland.  They have one little boy: Mark (b.2008)


A long time ago, before the advent of social networking sites, I had an idea that each of the kids would like to make their own website subwebs of this site which I started off for them by posting some of their artwork.  Then, as the Internet marched forward, this website was left in the dust of their myspace pages, so I deleted the beginnings of their websites.  If you want to see what Caitlin, Matthew, and Meghan are up to, click their myspace links, above.

Or, if you want to see some ancient McRae Family photos, then check out these links:

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