This page describes the work to be done on this website:

General things to do once or every now and then


move r/ from mcraefamily to Graeme's Stuff pages (also move the comments in the mcraefamily what's new page)

StuffUniverse.htm to be updated with my thoughts on multiverse and cosmology

StuffSociety.htm to be updated with my thoughts on Transaction cost, which Kurtzweil failed to consider; Pulling together (good-to-great author makes this point)


StuffProbabilitySchrodinger.htm -- quantum mechanics, superposition of states, and the schrodinger's cat thought experiment.

StuffProbabilityQuantum.htm -- Quantum mechanics for beginners


LangStructWord.htm explains that I should break up LangStructWordWrong.htm into multiple categories.

Add a language section on the bible, and include the information from the page "AdminTenWorstBibleVerses..."


Running.htm should be expanded with new sections for (1) the club offerings of weekly training, and fun runs, (2) Graeme's battle with weight and loss-of-training from letting up, and (3) a training program for November 2009 marathon.


Go to the "links" subweb, and move some information from that web to this one.  (other content will move to MathHelp) the ultimate goal is to eliminate the links subweb.

FunnyWebsitesSocialNetworkingMessaging.htm One of the first things I need to do is add links to myspace, facebook, linked-in, twitter, and a few other sites.