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Very quick bio of Graeme

I was born in Bloomington, Indiana in 1957.  My parents moved me when I was six months old to Springvale, Victoria, Australia.  My little brother, Colin was born in Australia 2 years later.   When I was about five we moved to Summit, New Jersey, USA.  We lived in an old house which had settled over the years.  Colin and I enjoyed rolling marbles which followed parabolic paths in the kitchen.  I went to first and second grade in Summit, at the Brayton School.  A couple years later we moved to a beautiful new house in Berkeley Heights.  I went to William Woodruff Elementary School (it was K-6 back then) then Columbia Junior High School, and finally Governor Livingston Regional High School, all in Berkeley Heights.   Then I went to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, thinking I would be a math major.  Calculus was harder than I thought it would be, and computers were a whole lot more fun, so I switched to Computer Science in my Junior year.  Well my Junior years, I should say, because I started goofing off and going to college only part time.  I finally graduated in 1981, after I had been working as "Customer Service" technician for the now defunct ITEL Service Bureau (part of a much bigger company that leased railcars) for a year and then for another year as a Systems Programmer for American Hoechst Corp (the American subsidiary of Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft (Hoechst A.G., for short!) that later merged with Celanese and then closed up shop, leaving Celanese owned by Hoechst A.G., which is now defunct, and was bought by Aventis S.A. in 1999).  It was at American Hoechst that I met my wife, Catherine.   We were married in 1983, and moved to South Brunswick.  After American Hoechst I had jobs at Sycomm Systems Corporation (consulting company) and First Boston (when they were only partly owned by Credit Suisse).   Our three kids, Caitlin, Matthew, and Meghan were all born at Saint Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.  In 1991 I started working for Paramount Pictures in New York City, with the mission of moving the mainframe -- and myself and my family -- to Los Angeles.  In 1993, Paramount followed through on their part of the bargain, and transferred me to the studio in Hollywood (which is really part of the city of Los Angeles, not many people seem to know that).  Catherine and I moved ourselves and our three kids to Palmdale, a desert city about 60 miles north of Hollywood.

I started running in 2004, and I'm happy with my performance in the longer races.  I've done five marathons in the four to five hour range, three of them close to four hours.  I feel happy to be in the middle of ability of runners in my age group, and that's about where I intend to stay as I get older.  As an outdoor activity, I find running to be inexpensive, enjoyable, and health-promoting.  Another outdoor activities I enjoy is snowboarding.  Southern California, especially the desert city of Palmdale, is ideal for these activities because it's almost always sunny, yet the nearby mountains have snow (some of it man-made) every winter.

I enjoy mathematics and philosophy, and I enjoy both teaching and learning.  When I teach, I find I learn as well.  For one thing, I learn how to teach, and in addition I learn the material much better when I try to organize it for someone else to learn.  This is a very satisfying aspect of teaching.  If it paid better, I would teach at a school, but since it doesn't pay well, I'm keeping my "day job" and doing some Internet tutoring on the side.

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