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Today is Sunday, March 5, 2000.  This is the day we go to San Diego (about 180 miles from Palmdale) to get our new puppy.  As you can see from our faces, we're sad because we don't have a puppy yet.  The third picture to the right is from our stop on the way at Denny's in Lake Elsinore.
It was a rainy day.  Here we are on Highway 138.  It's raining wet globs of snow that melt on impact.  You can see from the van's display the air temperature is exactly freezing.

This is the old 395 bridge over the I-15 Freeway.  It's a beautiful piece of engineering

Finally we made it to the dog breeder's house.  Her name is Barbara Conley.  We spent about an hour there.  The breeder showed us how to pick up our puppy without hurting him.  We named him Dr. Blue.  He's a Bearded Collie.
On the way home, Blue cried.  He probably missed Mrs. Conley and the other dogs.  After a bit, Blue got comfortable on the floor of the van.  He was a good dog for the whole 3 1/2 hour trip home.  The weather wasn't too bad, although we saw some cars coming from the mountains that were covered with snow.  The cars, that is, as well as the mountains.
Here are some pictures of the snowy mountains we went through on our way home from San Diego.
I'll start with the Interstate 15 freeway.  Here it was just rainy, but we could see patches of blue sky to the north.
Then we passed some snowy mountains. 

"Doctor Blue"