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Have you ever been unhappy with the way you were treated by a business?  There's not much you can do about it, right?  You're just one righteous person against the whole evil world.  But maybe one person can make a difference.

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Get a haircut
Fresh Bagged Spinach
Car Mechanic in Panorama City
Knott's Berry Farm
Lamppost Pizza in Tehachapi
SCE Water
U. S. Postal Service
DMV Convenience Fee

There was a guy who bought a car, and this car kept breaking down.  The dealer couldn't or wouldn't fix it.  So he painted lots of lemons on the car.  Big, bright lemons.   And he parked the car in a legal spot right across the street from the dealer's lot, where everyone could see it.  He called the newspapers, and they took photos of the car and its owner.  Sweet revenge.

So when I had an unhappy time at the Lamppost Pizza store in Tehachapi, I did the Internet version of the lemon-painted car trick.  I wrote up my experiences and submitted them to all the major search engines.

When I had positive experiences getting a haircut, with a Car Mechanic and -- of all places -- the U. S. Postal Service, I wrote them up, too.

You'll never guess what I saw at the offices of Southern California Edison on February 19, 2005!