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Over the past two years (12/18/2006 - 12/20/2008) I have collected hundreds of emails that tell me I have millions of dollars (or pounds) waiting for me, if only I would supply a small amount of personal information.  The details vary; sometimes the million dollars is ill-gotten gains of which I will receive a percentage by acting as an foreign agent who will claim it;  Other times it's a lottery ticket;  Still others it's an inheritance, or a bank error in my favor, etc.

I did not collect emails promising small prizes ($500 gift card from Wal-Mart; act as foreign check-cashing agent, keeping 10% of an unknown future stream of payments) or blatant account phishing tricks (e.g. an email that says: click here to verify your bank account), as (1) these scams are well documented elsewhere, and (2) why should I respond to such small promises when other emails promise me millions of dollars?

I also tried as much as possible to eliminate obvious duplicates.  For example, one group of emails, purporting to come from one of Fondazion DiVittorio, Foundation de France, Shell Foundation, The Russian Foundation for Basic Research, or the World Vision International Program, and asking me to respond variously to Sir Allan Buffet, Mr. Andrea Canavaro, Mrs. Angela Parrinelo, Mrs. Angie Randall, Mrs. Ashley Tyler, Mr. Brian Millavic, Mr. Carlos Gianlucci, Mrs. Claudia Diodore, Mrs. Claudia Lauren, Claudio Giovanni, Mrs. Finela Transofa, Mr. Forest Charlot, Mr. Francesco Villa, Mr. Henry Morgan, Mr. Jim Clark, Mr. Marchelle Fanny, Miss Andjella Anzhela, Rev. Owen Austin, Mr. Piretti Madini, Mrs. Pullvic Laura Sidigo, Dr. Sherry Williams (Mrs), Steven Alkin, Mr. Mr. Vikki Malcom (a man so distinguished he merits two Mr.'s), or Prof. Wendy B. Winds is characterized by the phrases "We found your email address from 100,000 shop's" and that the promised grant money is to be used for "personal, educational, and business development".  All of these people at all of these organizations are sending similarly worded offers of educational grants to me!  You would think these people would talk to each other a bit more, and maybe coordinate their efforts a bit better.

Exactly how stupid do these phishermen think I am?  I listed some aspects of their emails that defy logic.

Contents of this section

For each email I received, I am listing
   o the name of the fictional person who sent it,
   o the amount of money involved,
   o the amount of money (dollars or pounds) I stand to gain,
   o my role in the scheme being offered,
   o the reason the money became available, and
   o the country where the money came from.

001-Sabrina Gold-15-5-Foreign Agent-Bankruptcy-UK
002-Frank Dickens-0.5-0.5-Winner-Lottery-Netherlands
003-Richard Salter-0.35-0.35-Beneficiary-Grant-Scotland
004-Gianni Mattioli-2.5-2.5-Recipient-Grant Donation-Italy
005-Christopher Marshall-12.5-6.25-Pose as owner-Embezzlement Death-UK
006-Graham Betts-2.5-2.5-Winner-Lottery-UK
007-Tony Monrow-xx-0.8-Partner-Funds Transfer-Paraguay
008-Ahmed Abba-20-5-Foreign Agent-Embezzlement-Nigeria
009-Paul Blake-xx-xx-Partner Assistant-Undisclosed-UK
010-Adams Smith-1.2-1.2-Winner-Lottery-UK
011-Brian Spencer-12.5-2.5-Pose as Next of Kin-Plane Crash Death-UK
012-Katharine S. Sorrells-0.5-0.5-Winner-Lottery-UK
013-Ben Spencer-20-0.5-Winner-Yahoo Lottery-UK
014-Cherry Rings-15-6-Charity agent-Death bed donation-Europe
015-Daniel Wallace-30-2-Winner-Lottery-UK
016-Pinkett Griffin-1-1-Winner-Lottery-UK
017-Marcus Morrison-0.9-0.9-Winner-Lottery-UK
018-Charles M. Beckman-0.25-0.25-Prize Winner-Product Promotion-UK
019-Betty Rice-0.5-0.5-Prize Winner-Product Promotion-Netherlands
020-Dan Griffith-1-1-Prize Winner-Ebay Product Promotion-UK
021-Tina Wallace-0.45-0.45-Winner-Lottery-UK
022-James W. Brian-23-4.6-Foreign Agent-Criminal Proceeds-Iraq
023-Lady Ann Green-20-20-Heir-Cancerous Ailment-UK
024-Silifat Al Fayadh-xx-xx-Foreign Agent-Undisclosed-Hong Kong
025-George Owen-30-0.8-Winner-Lottery-UK
026-John Lugard-2.5-2.5-Winner-Lottery-UK
027-Phil Smith-1.5-1.5-Winner-Lottery-UK
028-William Stevenson-xx-xx-Charity Agent-Death Bed Donation-United Arab Emirates
029-Patricia Hewitt-17.5-5.25-Charity Agent-Undisclosed-UK
030-Brown Van Der Mark-1.5-1.5-Cash Aid Award Winner-Charity Foundation-Netherlands
031-Richard Gozney-xx-xx-Scam Victim-Government Recompensation-Nigeria
032-Kalim Durak-xx-xx-Charity Agent-Undisclosed-Saudi Arabia
033-Paul Wilson-0.3-0.3-Prize Winner-Peugeot Product Promotion-UK
034-Debbi King-0.9-0.9-Winner-Lottery-UK
035-Mike John-0.5-0.5-Recipient-Grant Donation-Italy
036-Mark Morris-4.6-4.6-Winner-Lottery-UK
037-Catherine Jones-45-45-Next of kin-Benefactor death-Portugal
038-Fred Holifield-0.7-0.7-Winner-Yahoo Lottery-UK
039-Femi Coker-xx-xx-Foreign Agent-Undisclosed-UK
040-Mike Spencer-1-1--Prize Winner-BMW Product Promotion-UK
041-Robert Nelson-xx-xx-Recipient-Funds Transfer-UK
042-Kevin Mama-12-1.8-Foreign Agent-Diamond and gold mining-Sierra Leone
043-Brenda Moeller-2.8-0.9-Winner-Lottery-UK
044-Charles Harbert McKay-500-300-Foreign Agent-Embezzlement-UK
045-Andrew Charles Bignell-23-23-Partner-Undisclosed-UK
046-Abraham Abbasi-xx-xx-Recipient-Unclaimed Drafted Cheque-Spain
047-David Matoya-10-1-Winner-Lottery-Netherlands
048-Gary Armstrong-1-1-Winner-Lottery-UK
049-Robert Scheel-0.8-0.8-Beneficiary-Contract Inheritance-Spain
050-David Williams-30-1-Prize Winner-Texaco Product Promotion-UK
051-Bob John-1.2-1.2-Unsuccessful Partner-Compensation For Trying-Benin
052-Garry Josef-17-17-Next of kin-9/11 Death-UK
053-Williams Spencer-1.35-1.35-Winner-Irish Lottery-UK
054-Emmanuel Betong-5.25-1.575-Foreign Agent-Embezzlement-Ghana
055-Ed Harris-1-1-Winner-Lottery-UK
056-Reynold Hunter-2.5-2.5-Prize Winner-Visa Product Promotion-UK
057-Peter Hans-0.5-0.5-Winner-Lottery-Netherlands
058-Mike Smith-1-1-Winner-Free Lotto Promo-UK
059-William Buster-0.85-0.85-Winner-Lottery-UK
060-Bill Woods-0.82-0.82-Winner-Lottery-Canada
061-Rita Holms-17.5-17.5-Stand In Beneficiary-Impending Cancer Death-UK
062-Brown Van Der Marrk-0.9-0.9-Winner-Lottery-Netherlands
063-James Walker-0.65-0.65-Prize Winner-BMW Product Promotion-UK
064-MacDonald Philips-55-2.5-Winner-Lottery-UK
065-Song Lile-19.5-5.85-Partner-Business Proposal-Hong Kong
066-David Ben-10-10-Winner-Microsoft Mega Jackpot Lottery-UK
067-Scotty Moore-0.5-0.5-Prize Winner-Yahoo and MSN Microsoft Windows Promotion-UK
068-Daniel Grams-1.5-1.5-Winner-Lottery-UK

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