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The following is one of hundreds of emails I have received over the past two years informing me of millions of dollars awaiting my reply:

From: abba ahmed
Date: 2/14/2007
Subject: Dear Graeme

From: Mr. Ahmed Abba.
      Lagos State Independent Power project.

Subject: Attn: Partnership Investment.

I am interested in a partnership investment program with you or your
corporation. First permit me to introduce myself. I am Mr. Ahmed Abba
Director General of the Lagos State Independent Power Project (IPP). I
hopeyou will make out time to study this proposal and get back to me as
soon as you can.

In the execution of the above project provided by ENRON/AES Energy Company
(USA) which is currently delivering 270 megawatts of electricity into the
national grid at PHCN's Egbin thermal station, Ikorodu. I Collabrated with
the Firm on a mutual agreement on the proceed commission of which I have
received my share of $20.000,000=(Twenty million dollars).

As the Director General of the Project, I cannot introduce or circulate
this funds into the Nigerian banking system considering my provisional
duty and the considering the fact that I earn less than $1,000US dollars
monthly coupled with the Bureau of conduct guidelines and regulations for
Public Civil Servants.

The above situation prompted my decision to solicit your co-operation to
take delivery of this funds into your custody for my proposed investment
as you will be adequately compensated with $5,000,000 US dollars. I will
arrange all necessary procedures in ensuring a smooth process for the
funds to get to you. I will appreciate you contact me once you receive
this mail via my e-mail indicating your capability
and willingness to enable me to give you more details of the modus
operandi of getting this money to you
hitch free.

This matter requires your urgent attention and confidentiality whatever
your decision. Please visit

Best Regards, Mr. Ahmed Abba.