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The following is one of hundreds of emails I have received over the past two years informing me of millions of dollars awaiting my reply:

From: weasel89
Date: 6/28/2007
Subject: Western Union Fund Transfer confirmation Needed

Dear Sir/Madam
There is an issue with the Western Union Money Transfer in the amount of 500,000.00 directed at the owner of this email address. The NATIONAL LOTTERY UK OFFICE contacted us for your transaction a couple of hours ago. They said that they choose to send it to an email address
instead of a name. We are unable to complete a transfer directed at an email address, so we require some more information in order to complete this transfer. You are required to provide confirmation of the following
-Full contact Address
-Sex: -Age:
-Mobile Phone Number
-Phone Number
In order to resolve this problem, please call our offices
at +44 70457 32810
or at this email via Priority courier company, Fund Verification
As soon as this information is received, your payment will be will be courier to your designated home address. please use reference
number 250-153 for our mutual convenience.
Dr Katharine S. Sorrells