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The following is one of hundreds of emails I have received over the past two years informing me of millions of dollars awaiting my reply:

From: note2007
Date: 8/8/2007
Subject: Confirmation letter from the Lottery Board

The National Lottery
P O Box 1010
London, W6 8Jb

Dear Selected winner,
This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash price of 925,940 (Nine Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Forty pounds sterling) in cash credited to file XYL/26510460037/06 this is from a total cash prize of 2,777,820 shared among 3 lucky winners in this category from International programme held on the 7th of August 2007 in the United Kingdom.
Your ticket number 023-1111-790-458 attached to your email address, with serial number 5073-12 drew the lucky numbers 13-16-22-43-47-49 bonus no. 28 and this made you a winner in the 1st Category.
To make claims for this prize you are to contact the verification department by providing your Reference Number UK/839030X2/14. You are required to fill out the form below and send to the verification department:
1.FULL NAMES:__________________________________
5.MARITAL STATUS:___________________
7.E-MAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________
8.TELEPHONE NUMBER:_____________________
9. REFERENCE NUMBER:_______________________
10.ANY IDENTIFICATION(Driving License/passport)Y/N___________
11.AMOUNT WON:___________________________________
12.  TICKET NUMBER____________________________________
13. WINNERS STATE:__________________________________
14. WINNERS COUNTRY________________________________

Below are the contact details of the verification department:
CONTACT PERSON: Brenda Moeller.
 Congratulations once more on your winnings.
Yours Truly,
Sir. Baker Matthew.
Co-Coordinator (Online Promo Programme).