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The following is one of hundreds of emails I have received over the past two years informing me of millions of dollars awaiting my reply:

From: Mr. Andrew Bignell Charles
Date: 8/11/2007

My compliments to you.
After very thorough consideration, I have decided to reach you through this means to propose to you a mutually beneficial proposals that would require very minimal input from you but have quite an  appreciative benefit to you. And of course as is obvious it is your prerogative to either support this proposals or reject it, But I do believe that it is wise to first have a full picture of the transaction before you make such a decision.
I can state very unequivocally here and now that this business transaction that I am proposing is safe, riskfree, legitimate and very profitable. I can also tell you that the amount involved is GB£12,200,000.00 (Twelve Million Two Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds), that is about US$23,065,000.00 (Twenty Three Million Two Hundred and Sixty Four Thousand United States Dollars) I am presently in London working as an investment consultant with the below bank at their offshore department located at the Isle Of Man. You can please contact me by email if you need to know more about the transaction so  that I can provide you with a more detailed picture of the transaction.
It is however imperative that you be aware from now that the  transaction requires absolute confidentiality and a pledge to this  resolve would be expected from you before I commence this transaction  with you.
Please do respond to my alternate email address :  asap if you are interested.
Warmest regards,
Mr. Andrew Charles Bignell.
Milliman Consultant UK.
C/O Dept.Of Offshore Mortgage Services,
NatWest Bank,
Demand Knox,
Prospect Hill,
Douglas,Isle Of Man.
IM99 1AT.