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The following is one of hundreds of emails I have received over the past two years informing me of millions of dollars awaiting my reply:

From: David Salami/ Sui Juris Ass.
Date: 8/20/2007
Subject: Good News On Your Unclaimed Drafted Cheque.

Dear Sir/Ma.

Complements, this is to inform you that due to your inability to send the
charges for the mailing of your drafted  cheque as requested by delivering
company, I have waited for long now yet no result, I then decided to
involve the issued bank to avoid losing  the funds  totally since my boss
is yet to returned.

When I got to the bank, the director, Mr.Mohammed Saleh told me that the
cheque has one week to expire that after one week it will be invalid then
i told the director to convert the check into cash to avoid losing of the
money but he said i have to hire a lawyer before that can be done since
the beneficiary of the cheque is not here, a lawyer will be involve for
the signing and the procurement of vital documents needed for that.

Now am just confused because i don't have the money for that but I have no
choice than to hire a lawyer who will assist me on this matter to avoid
loosing of the money by you. After meeting with the bank Attorney he told
me that he will arrange for the documents as well as the signings for the
conversion of the cheque into cash payment but he said I should pay him
$7800.90 for the job, I explained to him that I don't have all the money
and he agreed that i should pay him half of it, which i rallied round and
borrowed and paid since I don't have such amount at hand and told him that
the balance will be paid once you receive your funds.

The bank director Mr. Mohammed Saleh  also assured me that after the
conversion of your check, that he will ass assist me and have the money
packaged in a security box and deposit it with the courier company
(International Mail Service Benin.) as "FAMILY  TREASURE" for save keeping
 until you ask for claim for delivering of your package to your home

Am now happy to inform you that the job has been done, the cheque has been
converted into cash and is right now with (International Mail Service
Benin.) , remember the package was registered as family valuables for
security reasons under security monitoring department with a seal on it
for security reasons. NOTE, your package was registered as "FAMILY
TREASURE", in no condition will you disclose the real content of your
package to anybody till you receive it in your giving address for security
reasons and also to avoid them delaying your consignment.
So now, i will advise that you write a letter to them with this
information below and ask them what they would required for the delivery.

ATTENTION  :Mr.Abraham Abbasi.

Below is what I believed they would require from you, which you need to
forward to them immediately, but you can as well find out from them ok.


You can as well call the Director of courier firm on telephone to discuss
about it with him.  I will be waiting for your mail once you have
concluded everything with them and have received your funds, so that we
can inform you on how to send our service charges and other expenses which
this chamber has incurred on your behalf here so far.

Best Regards.
Mr. David Salami.
(Sui Juris Associates.)


Note: if I were to reply to David, I might ask him why he had to rally around and borrow money to pay the lawyer rather than just pay the lawyer using some of the cash proceeds of the cheque he converted.