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What is it about hair salons that inspire business people to make up the most outrageous puns?

The name of the beauty parlor in the movie "Runaway Bride (1999)" is Curl up and Dye -- clever, isn't it?

(There actually is a hair salon by this name, Becky's Curl Up N' Dye, 27 Centre Ave, Topton, Pennsylvania -- here's their sign:
Becky's Curl Up N' Dye, 27 Centre Ave, Topton, Pennsylvania)

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Here are some more punny salon names.

Eclipse Salon
7250 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Celebrity salon. Customers include actress Kelli Williams.

shear illusions
CHATSWORTH, California

Hair Today Hair Tomorrow
Adelind Street Lofts
1131 24th Street Loft #118
Oakland, Ca. 94607
(510)452-0942 out of town call 1-(800) 216-6734

4125 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA

and the very directly titled, Get a Haircut,
42107 50th St. West
Quartz Hill, CA
(Near the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster)

Jodstar sent in this one, which I like: his friend Sue has a hair salon named Chop-Sue-II

Hair Apparent
6215 S. Walnut Street
Loomis, CA 95650

Besides hair salons, other businesses, such as nail salons, have punny names.  Check these out, too.

Oh! and before I let you leave this page, speaking of hair salons, I want you to see a special haircut for people who must attend business meetings:

Haircut for Meetings

Every now and then, someone seeking to open up a Hair or Fingernail Salon business searches the web looking for a clever name for their business.  And sometimes they find this page.  So I'm called upon to help people name their business.  For you, here is my advice:

I wish I had more names for you.  Maybe if you google for names.  Or look in
a thesaurus -- I looked there for "fingernail" and found cuticle, making me
think of "cute cuticles".  Using's reverse-lookup, I also found
polish, making me think of "posh polish palace" -- a real tongue twister,
think of the radio ads (pamper yourself at the posh polish splash, I mean
pamper yourself at the posh polish pillish, I mean...), where the announcer
can't even manage to say the name of your place!  And if you happen to be
Polish (pronounced differently from "polish") that's even better -- your
salon could be the Posh Polish Polish Palace, and people would have to know
the first one is your nationality, and the second one is what you do.

Do let me know what you end up with -- Click the "email" link at the bottom of this page -- I'll add it to my list of Nail Salon Names, which might give you one or two more customers, who knows?

Internet references is a salon name generator

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