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While surfing the net, I often come across some home pages that are very clever.   This page is a guide to some of the goofier pages I've discovered.  (For the more serious ones, look at my Fun Pages page.)

The Webring is a good way to find odd home pages.   Use the Search engine or select a category.  Then you might want to click the "most popular" rings link in that category.

On August 26, 2005, I had the great pleasure of sitting in an airplane next to Gina, who was traveling from Portland to Burbank to return her stepdaughter, Olivia, to her mother, after having her for the summer.  Gina is twenty-six years old, beautiful and smart.  She graduated from the state university on Oregon, and has an interior design business.  She wants to start a clothing business next, and registered a website for it.  She hasn't started building the website yet, but when she does, I know it will be great:

I enjoy home pages that tell a story about the author's life.  The worst ones in that category are the "resume" pages, or any page that tries too hard to sell something.  The best ones in that category are those that offer free exploration, for example, Judit Linnéa Margareta Stensdotter Anglemark's home page.

3-dimensional puzzles that can be made from wood according to designs in
Displayed nicely in, Leonid Mochalov has designed a whole bunch of mechanical puzzles. (Only 9 are pictured here, but the website has many times that number.)  They are three dimensional puzzles that can be made from wood according to the designs shown on the web page.  I particularly enjoy the "perspective challenged triangle" pictured here, made with cubes that are red, yellow and blue.

Eve Astrid Andersson has a fascination with pi.

Justine Lam is the hurdleress who had a high-achieving high-school career including volunteer work for Friday Night Live, and is now going to college.  Her website, The Hurdler's Domain, is in the process of changing from the "personal homepage" style to a full-blown hurdling resource page.

John Gilbert is a recent college graduate (2004) in Computer Science.  He is also interested in caving.  His website has several interesting mathematical applets.

Travis A. Wise is a libertarian who is against "stupid ignorance".  Ignorance can be corrected by education, he says, (and stupidity isn't the person's fault, I suppose).  But Stupid Ignorance can't be forgiven.  In his personal "likes and dislikes" section, he goes into some detail on these and other topics.  He also exposes the truth about Bert and Ernie.

Here is a page of funny conversions, such as 1012 pins = 1 terrapin.  (mirror)  The site is part of the Walnut Valley Unified School District website, which is maintained by John L. Park, a teacher at Diamond Bar High School in Walnut, California.

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