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This page is my new entrance to a section of my website devoted to the English Language  (the old language page was out of control — big, sprawling, and untidy).  I treat the subject very broadly, including such things as puns as they are language-related, but not very deeply, because there are far better references on the web.  Instead, I touch on some of the things I find interesting.  I hope you do, too.  (Find them interesting, that is -- what you touch is your own business!)

The highest recommendation I have ever received for this web page came from Fiona Watson, of the Westlands School, in Kent, U.K., who wrote,

this site is actually quite rubbish as there is to much writing and less pictures i dont even understand it ok soz but thats the truth

Thank you so much, Fiona.  You can't imagine how much your words mean to me.

Contents of this section:

Short Stories
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Words and Wisdom


Structure is the rules (like Spelling and Grammar) that guide the formation of words and sentences in English.

Puns and Jokes are the most fun when they're really, really bad.  Along these lines, I have some ostensibly real (and really ambiguous) newspaper headlines such as "Lost Paintings Found By Tree".  I started a new page in 2001 with some "punny" business names, especially hair salons, which, for a time, catapulted me to the third or fourth most revered source of hair salon information on the Internet!

It has been said that the human interest in numbers was the reason language was invented.

Whoever said that didn't know nuthin' about Poetry, Lyrics, and Music.

Rants: Have you ever held an opinion so strongly that you yelled in its defense long and loud enough to turn red in the face?  Well, submitted for your amusement, these people have done that.

Internet References

I recommend Take Our Word For It, a newsletter written by some people who also love the English Language.

An excellent source of word trivia is the Word Detective — Words and Language in a Humorous Vein on the Web Since 1995