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When I was in school, I hated poetry.  That is, until my eighth grade (that was about 1970) English teacher, Miss Insinnia*, pointed out that the lyrics to popular songs are actually poems.  Since then, I've been paying attention to the words, if I can hear/understand them.

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April Come She Will - This morning I stepped out of my front door and felt the cold air.  August is almost over, it's the 30th.  My daughter, Caitlin, goes off to college again this morning.  We've had a really good summer (2005), running together.  It's been so nice having her with us... (more)

* I heard that Miss Insinnia (my 8th grade English teacher in 1970-1971) kept teaching at Columbia Junior High School for another 32 years, finally retiring in 2003.  If she taught 5 English classes every year with 30 kids in each class, then that's nearly 5000 kids who had a really great teacher!

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