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For some reason, "country" music has a bad reputation, as if people who listen to it don't know any better.  Since I'm not a dedicated follower of fashion, I started listening to country music on KTPI 103.1 in Lancaster CA and KZLA 93.9 in Los Angeles.  I was pleased to discover some pretty clever lyrics, so I started this page to point them out.

You've heard the joke: when you play a country song backwards you get your job back, you quit drinking and cheating on your wife, etc.  Well there's some truth to it: country music can be pretty darned depressing.  I put a page together about Allison Moorer's album, Alabama Song, that illustrates that point.

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If My Nose Was Running Money
Alabama Song -- Allison Moorer
Please Don't Bury Me

I like the second verse of Poor Poor Pitiful Me (on the CD, "Just the Same" by Terri Clark).   lyrics by Warren Zevon (lyrics copyright 1973 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. & Darkroom Music.)

Well, I met a man out in Hollywood.
Now, I ain't namin' names.
Well, he really worked me over good,
just like Jesse James.
Yes, he really worked me over good.
He was a credit to his gender.
He put me through some changes, Lord,
sorta like a Waring blender.

"I still miss her in a round-about way."  Yeah, 'round about midnight every night is when I miss her!

"I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then."

"I drove down a two lane road to a one horse town..."  Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd.  (Audio can be found on Spree Music.)

One song that has a pretty dopey idea has the lyrics, "I'm in the Good Ole Boy club, you're in the Country Club [but] let me show your daughter a little country love."  Oh sure, that'll win over the old man!

This is more folk than country, but it's funny: Please Don't Bury Me, by John Prine

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