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A "rant" is the thing that results from ranting, of course.  And ranting means any of a variety of things, according to the dictionary.  It could be to talk noisily, excitedly, often extravagantly, to scold vehemently, or to declaim in bombastic fashion.  It's this last sense — a bombastic declamation — in which I find true joy in a good rant, for bombast indicates a verbose grandiosity or pretentious inflation of language and style disproportionate to thought.  For this reason, a really good rant can set us howling with laughter at its author's expense.

Do I just sit in a glass house and throw stones at people who rant?  No, I rant, too.  Others find my ranting using search engines, and, since my email address used to be at the bottom of every page, they take particular glee in pointing out little errors in my rants, and some of them send me their rants.  Click some of these links, and you'll see some good rants.

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Ant and Grasshopper, an updated fable
1. Fakes Rant
Gun Control
Starr Report, Graeme's comments

The "updated" Ant and Grasshopper fable is a thinly disguised protest against a welfare system that encourages laziness and discourages good hard honest work.  This is a member of a class of rants that defend the tyranny of the majority, which, if I collect enough of them, will warrant their own sub-category.  These rants are typically written by someone who is old enough to have noticed the tyranny of his class slowly slipping away as various minorities have asserted their rights.

One particularly interesting rant is about "fakes" -- people who simulate realness, but are not, in fact, real.  Instead, they are empty shells, devoid of that essence, which the author of this rant (and one other person in the whole world) possess.

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