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Gun Control

The United States of America was founded through the use of guns.  The militias of the colonies were armed by weapons that were privately owned.  These guns were brought west, and overpowered the bows and arrows of the native Americans.  We Americans used our own guns to fight off the British and then take the land away from its previous occupants.  Our Constitution has an amendment, second only to the right of free speech, that guarantees the right of its citizens to bear arms.  The fear of our founding fathers was that foreign governments would infiltrate the newly formed Congress, and begin passing laws restricting the very guns that won our freedom, and thereby assert control over the new country.  The use of guns by one citizen against another was way down the list in importance.

Gradually, as the threat of foreign infiltration into our government waned, the gun-owning majority started to notice a minority of citizens who cried out against gun violence.

And so the Ranting began.


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Winning the Cultural War
Graeme's comments about Charlton Heston's speech
The Argument Against Gun Control


One of the most well-known gun ranters is Charlton Heston.  Winning the Cultural War is his rant against the weenies who want to take away his right to shoot at the little people who threaten to take away his opulent way of life.