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I went into the Hardware store and asked for duct tape. "Duck tape!" says the guy. "Right," I said, smirking at his ignorant pronunciation. But when I held the roll in my hand, I saw it really was Duck tape---"Duck" with one of those registered trade mark signs. [History of DuckŪ Tape]

"Nucular."  That's how president Bush — both Bush presidents, actually — pronounced "nuclear".   On Air Force One, the movie, the president's press secretary pronounced it that way, so I knew she wouldn't be smart enough to survive the hostage situation.  I was right.

"Ekcetera" is what you say when you've finished itemizing, and the list seems too short.

"Electorial College" is a group of really smart people.  Smarter than me, anyway.

"Ax" as in "I don't know, I'll go ax him."  Pretty brutal way to get some information, huh?

"Hunnerd" as in "You can reach me by calling one, eight hunnerd..."   (Maybe this word is going through the same transformation that Wennsday went through a few hunnerd years ago!)

"Heighth" kinda rhymes with "width".





Thanks to reader Brian Patrie for reminding me not to take things for "granite".


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