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A guide for understanding Australian

Ringer = Aussie cowboy, or best sheep-shearer on a station 
Smoko = Coffee or cigarette break 
Dero = Derelict 
Lolly Water = soda/ flavoured soft drink 
'ooroo = Good-bye
Narked = Upset; Narky = upsetting
Fairy Floss = Cotton candy 
Pissed = Drunk
Pluto pup = corn dog 
Ute = Pickup truck 
Wanker = Fool/ idiot/ moron
Roadtrain = Tractor trailer 
Dunny = Toilet 
Crook = Sick; No good 
Strides = Trousers
Daks = Trousers
A good wicket = a good wage/ good working conditions
Drongo = Idiot 
Never-Never = Remote Australia 
Spinebashing = Sleeping 
Up the duff/ up the stick = Pregnant
The Big Smoke = The City 
Chook = Chicken 
Cobber/ cob = Friend, mate 
Do your block/ spit the dummy = Lose your temper 
Nipper = Small child 
Not much chop = Not much good 
Outlaws = In-laws 
Pom = An English person (from P.O.H.M....Prisoner of His/Her Majesty's Service)
Scungy = Unattractive, dirty 
Slacker = Lazy, irresponsible person
Snag = Sausage, or a hidden problem 
Tinny/ Tinnie/ Coldie = Can of cold beer
Longneck = long-necked bottle of beer, typically 750ml
Stubbie = small bottle of beer (short-neck) (250 or 375ml)
King brown = 750ml bottle of beer
NT stubbie = (2 litre botle of beer, only available from the Northern Territory...they have a thirst up there...)

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