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In #226, Chuck Lorre writes,

Every time you single out Two and a Half Men for being a horrible and tasteless television show, our ratings go up. Since you do this pretty regularly, I've gotta believe that's your intention. Well, kudos! Very crafty on your part...

Every now and then a vanity card appears saying that the real vanity card was unfit to be aired on CBS, and hints that people who want to see it know where to go—the Internet, of course.  There was a point to the previous sentence, and here it is, the topic sentence of this paragraph; the buried lead: Just as the Parents Television Council boosts the ratings of Two and a Half Men, CBS draws particular attention to exactly those vanity cards that it most reviles by censoring them.

In my little way, I will now draw further attention to the censored vanity cards.

Internet references

Chuck Lorre: #226: sarcastic "thank you" to the Parents Television Council, which by criticizing Two and a Half Men, actually boosted its ratings.

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