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Ever Wonder?

A collection of factoids, supposedly true (but who really knows) that'll make you put your hand to your chin and say Hmmm...

New words are being added to the English language every day.  Here are some statements that use words in a curious way.  Maybe they'll make you wonder.

Someone asked me why his mouse doesn't work.  Here's my theory.

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Still Wondering?
Reed & Right
Health FAQs
Hospital Writings
My Browser keeps closing on its own
My Mouse Doesn't Work
New Words
Virus Troubles

Four All Who Reed and Right is a collection of odd things about the English language like (but not including) why is it we park in a driveway, yet we drive on a parkway?

Hospital Writings are actual writings on hospital charts by doctors, or so we're expected to believe.

New Words are really new made-up meanings for existing words.

Similes is a little piece I wrote that examines just about every trite simile there is.  If you can think of another one, then please send me an email, and I'll throw it in there somewhere.

I can tell you why your mouse doesn't work -- 'cause you broke it -- and I even hazard a guess as to why it broke in the first place.

Are you still wondering?  Here are some more amazing things that will make you say Hmmm...

Ask The Health Expert: A page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers for Healthy Living

Why are people with three names so often assassins?