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These are odds and ends; pages that I slapped together without much thought or planning, but which might be interesting to you.

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Cute Gifs
Academic Decathlon 2000
Birds imitate ring tones
CA Lottery
Gas Crisis 2000
Holiday schedule
Intelligence Test
Liquor, Guns, and Sybase Technical Support
Population, Elevation

Why don't you start with an "Intelligence Test" and then select any one of the other odds and ends listed on that page.


Cities whose elevation exceeds their population

I've lived in the "great" city of Palmdale since 1993.  Driving around this area, I pass signs for the little towns I pass through, you know the kind?  Green signs that list the elevation and population of tiny little towns, like Llano, for example, about whose existence I would live my life in blissful ignorance were it not for the sign.  Anyway, I noticed that the elevation of Llano is higher than its population.  I have a feeling there are quite a few little towns in the high desert that share this property.  I know what you're thinking: "Oh yeah, sure Llano's elevation is higher than its population, but that's only because of an accidental choice of feet to measure the elevation -- what if it were measured in meters?  Or fathoms?"  To answer that I propose that the population be measured in the same units as the elevation -- by measuring the total height of all the residents of the town, as if they were stood one atop the other, with the mayor of the town at the bottom, his feet at sea level.  If the head of the top person on this tower is still not high enough to reach the average elevation of the town, then the town has this magical property of being higher than its population.  Or maybe that's not what you were thinking, so, umm...  Never mind!

"Intelligence Test"

If you pay any attention to this, you flunk the test!

Academic Decathlon

Every year the junior high school students (6th to 8th grade) at Sacred Heart School go to the Academic Decathlon, which was held this year at St. Matthias High School in Downy, California.

Optical Illusion

Try it!

Gas Crisis 2000

Ho hum.

Year 2000 Holiday Schedule

Here it is already January 3, 2000, and I have not yet seen a holiday schedule for the company where I work.  Does this mean they're having trouble figuring it out?  If so, I'm offering a suggestion, based on the past five years' holiday schedules.  I picked out some rules, then applied them to all 28 possible calendars, and presented the holiday schedules for the next millennium!

Liquor, Guns -- what a combo!

Liquor, Guns, and Sybase Technical Support make three great tastes that taste great together!.