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On March 4, 2000, our school participated in the 10th annual Academic Decathlon.

Every year the junior high school students (6th to 8th grade) at Sacred Heart School go to the Academic Decathlon, which was held this year at St. Matthias High School in Downy, California.  (Click photos to see them bigger.)

<-- This is my daughter, Caitlin.  She went with nine other people to represent her school while a watched from overhead.  Well it flew over us, anyway.  There were 67 teams altogether from Catholic schools all over southern California.  The decathletes sat at tables on the football field...
While the parents watched from the bleachers.
Here are the S.H.S. kids sitting at the table.  Caitlin is wearing the red shirt, then to her left are Kacey, Michael, Ian, Nick, Josh, Adam C., Rosemarie, Justin, and Adam M.

I wanted to get better pictures of some of these kids, but after I took this one of Kacey, the lens cracked, and I couldn't take any more pictures.  Just kidding.

While the kids were doing the morning's logic quiz, the parents in the stands were trying the same test.  Then it was time for the individual tests.  We did very well: Justin got 2nd in Social Studies, Rosemarie got 5th in Literature, Adam C. got 9th place in English, and Adam M. got 6th place in Religion.

Now it's time for lunch.  If you don't live in California, you don't know what a treat In-n-Out Burger is.  They put some magic into those burgers that makes them the best burgers in the whole world.  We weren't disappointed.

In the afternoon, the kids did a "Super Quiz".  In that quiz, there are fifty questions.  The announcer reads each question, then gives the teams time to discuss their answer, then says "Answer Please".  At that moment, all 67 teams simultaneously indicate their answer by holding up large cards with the letters A, B, C, D, or E.  Proctors note each team's response.  Then the announcer gives the correct answer, and the proctors mark the score sheet.  Our team got 40 of the 50 questions right.  The best team got 48 right.  We were the ninth-best of the teams, so we're all proud of this team.
It started to rain, so we moved indoors for a mass and then the announcement of today's results.  This hall wasn't big enough to hold everyone, as you can see.  Some of the people standing outside gave up trying to get in, and brought chairs.

Our team was sixteenth-best overall.  Mrs. Schuster, one of our two coaches, said she was surprised and happy we did so well.

We came home and had a victory dinner:

Meghan, Caitlin's little sister, says "I'm proud of you, Caitlin.  Now let's eat!"  (OK, she never really said that, but I'm sure she thought it.)