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We're in the midst of another gas crisis.  I snapped this photo in Hollywood, California on 3/10/2000.  One man is changing the price on the large sign, while another man stands behind him saying "Change the price faster!"  Isn't it odd that when the supply of gasoline increases, the boss isn't yelling at his workers to lower the price?  Oh well, I have a solution to this problem. . .

Do you still believe in the Tooth Fairy?  Neither do I.  But I believe in the Gasoline Fairy.  It works this way. . .

Before you go to sleep at night, put your car under your pillow, like this.

Then when you wake up the next morning, your tank will be full!

  The following week I saw the price had risen further -- $1.67 for EC Unleaded.  That'll put a dent in this Pontiac driver's wallet: 
(I blurred the license plate
in case he was visiting his
girlfriend in Hollywood and
was afraid his wife would
find out.)
By the way, for you who don't live in California, you may wonder why a gas station calls itself "Smog Pros" -- what are they doing, promoting smog or something?  That doesn't make any sense!  Let me explain.  We have to get our cars checked for exhaust emissions once every two years.  The common name for this procedure is "Smogging" the car.  These guys are pros at smogging cars.  Smog Pros, get it?