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1: The Brit lives in a red house. 6: The Pall Mall smoker rears birds. 11: The man with horses is next to Dunhill smoker.
2: Swede keeps dogs as pets. 7: The yellow house smokes Dunhill. 12: The Blue Master smoker drinks beer.
3: The Dane drinks tea. 8: The center house drinks milk. 13: The German smokes Prince.
4: Green house is just left of white house. 9: The Norwegian lives in the first house. 14: The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
5: Green house drinks coffee. 10: The Blend smoker is next to cat owner 15: The Blend smoker's neighbor drinks water.

Is it the Swede who smokes Blue Master and drinks beer?  Hint: use table, below, and rules 3 & 13 to rule out other nationalities. *

House 1 House 2 House 3 House 4 House 5
Nationality  Norway ? Brit ? ?
Color Yellow Blue Red Green White
Pets ? Horses ? ? ?
Drinks ? ? Milk Coffee ?
Smokes Dunhill ? ? ? ?

* Jonathan Allan pointed out to me that a simpler way to proceed at this point is to note that rules 3 and 13 put the tea and beer drinkers in houses 2 and 5, leaving the water dri nker in house 1.  Then rule 15 can be used in the next step to put the Blend smoker in house 2.  After that, the rules fall like a house of cards without the need at any point to apply more than one or two rules at a time.  But I already made these lovely charts, so I'll keep the sequence as it has been, with the thunderous application of four rules at this point.