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1: By noon, Mr. Kelly had spoken to a student about talking in class. 5: Edgar (who isn't Schultz) discussed eating in the classroom.
2: Shawna (who isn't Castro) spoke with Ms. Unger. 6: Ms. Wells listened to Mary's side of the story.
3: Hal (who wasn't questioned about tardiness) didn't talk to a teacher until after 1 P.M. 7: The two girls are Castro and Mays.
4: Barnes (who isn't Edgar) reported to Mr. Rhodes' room. 8: The gum chewing incident was not discussed by Mr. Rhodes or Ms. Unger.

Now we've used up all the rules, but still have three squares to fill in.  You can use process of elimination to supply the missing last name, teacher, and infraction.  Click HERE to update the table.

Edgar Hal Ike Mary Shawna
Last name ? Barnes Schultz Castro Mays
Teacher ? Rhodes Kelly Wells Unger
Infraction eating ? talking gum tardiness