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1: By noon, Mr. Kelly had spoken to a student about talking in class. 5: Edgar (who isn't Schultz) discussed eating in the classroom.
2: Shawna (who isn't Castro) spoke with Ms. Unger. 6: Ms. Wells listened to Mary's side of the story.
3: Hal (who wasn't questioned about tardiness) didn't talk to a teacher until after 1 P.M. 7: The two girls are Castro and Mays.
4: Barnes (who isn't Edgar) reported to Mr. Rhodes' room. 8: The gum chewing incident was not discussed by Mr. Rhodes or Ms. Unger.

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Edgar Hal Ike Mary Shawna
Last name Jackson Barnes Schultz Castro Mays
Teacher Anila Rhodes Kelly Wells Unger
Infraction eating running talking gum tardiness