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The idea of the "Brain Dump" is that you can store dozens or hundreds of facts in your long-term memory, but you can't juggle that information very well.  On the other hand, you can juggle about 7 facts in your short-term memory, but that's not enough factoids to pass the PMP® exam.

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How to make a brain dump

So here's what you need to do: get really good at making a poster that illustrates many central concepts of the PMI® project management methodology.  Then, at the very beginning of your PMP® exam, write out the whole poster (that's the Brain Dump), and then you can refer to it for the remainder of the exam.

In fact, you can spend 15 minutes before the exam begins to write out the brain dump, and then you'll still have four hours to do the test.  That's because there is a dialog that explains how to use a mouse, and how to click things that comes before the test.  You can start this dialog, and then spend the next 15 minutes dumping your brain, since I bet you already know how to use a mouse.

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