Instructions for "mining" this data, so that it can be copied to SiteMap.htm:

  1. In the Folders View, copy this page, SiteMap_Source.htm, to SiteMap_Source_copy(1).htm, and then rename it to SiteMap_Source_copy(1).txt.  (Say OK to the warning about changing the file type)
  2. Edit the SiteMap_Source_copy(1).txt file, change all the words "webbot" to "wobbot" and save it.
  3. Change the filename back to SiteMap_Source_copy(1).htm, and then edit it.
  4. Copy from the first real subject (after the webpage title) to (but not including) the "Admin" pages, and then paste it into the SiteMap.htm page.
  5. Delete the SiteMap_Source_copy(1).htm


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