Ian and Blanche

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Eilean Donan Castle in Wester Ross in the Highlands of Scotland Eilean Donan Castle in Wester Ross in the Highlands of Scotland, as it stands today.

Alexander McRae and Sarah Oliver, about 1890.

Alexander McRae and Sarah Oliver 1890

Sarah and Alexander in Jennerberring, Baby Mavis Iddles, 1917

Sarah and Alexander in front of the house at Jennerberring, 1917. The baby is Mavis Iddles, the couple’s first grandchild.

Dave, 1916.

Dave, 1916

Sarah, Alexander, Ian, Dot, and Rod at Jennerberring, 1917

Jennerberring, 1917. Sarah, Alexander, Ian, Dot, Rod.

Dave at Port Suez, 1917.

Dave, Port Suez, 1917

Marion, 1916

Marion, 1916.

On the veranda at Gilella, about 1932. Alexander, Ian, Jean and Don Fraser, Sarah.

Alexander, Ian, Jean, Don Fraser, Sarah on Gilella Veranda 1932

Ian Hunting Rabbits, 1917

Ian hunting rabbits, 1917.

Ian about to set off for school, 1917.

Ian about to Set Off for School 1917

Ian on the Fordson

Ian on the Fordson.

Charles Gittins, about 1895.

Charles Gittins, 1895

Frank Gittins, 1940

Frank Gittins, about 1940.

Ian and Blanche, 1929.

Ian and Blanche, 1929

Blanche with Baby Eion at Gilella, 1931

Gilella, 1931. Blanche with baby Eion.

Gilella, 1938. Harvesting oats.

Ian and Blanche - Gilella, Harvesting Oats, 1938

George Iddles and Ian Building Mouseproof Shed

George Iddles (left) and Ian, nearing completion of the mouseproof shed.

Eion on the running board of the Chrysler, 1937.

Eion on Chrysler, 1937

John, Maud, and Charlie, 1942

John, Maud and Charlie, about 1942.

Emu Point.

Emu Point

Blanche, Joan, Tom, and Ian at Happy Days Tea Garden near Albany 1944

At Happy Days, a tea garden near Albany, about 1944. Blanche, Joan, Tom and Ian.

Gwyneth and Blanche with a litter of Border Collie pups.

Gwyneth and Blanche with a Litter of Border Collies

Tip at Work

Tip at work--herding sheep, not ants.

Gilella's wool clip. The carters are "Cheeky" Lockyer and Ron Squibb.

Cheeky Lockyer and Ron Squibb by Gilella Wool Clip

Daisy, Ethel, Mae, Gwyneth, and Ernie at Moree, 1948

Moree, about 1948. Daisy, Ethel, Mae, Gwyneth and Ernie.

Gilella, 1949. Gordon, Dave, Blanche, Pattie, Brian, Allie.

Gordon, Dave, Blanche, Pattie, Brian, and Allie at Gilella, 1949

Ian, Gwyneth, Eion, Graeme, and Blanche, 1948

Ian and Blanche and family, 1948.

Coonawarra, 1957. Gwyneth with baby Ralton, Blanche.

Gwyneth with Baby Ralton and Blanche at Coonawarra, 1957

Ian and Blanche - Ian and his dog Jock at Coonawarra 1960

Coonawarra, 1960. Ian, Jock with newspaper.

Eion and Jean with Graeme and Colin, 1962.

Graeme, Eion, Colin, and Jean, 1962

Graeme and Gwenda, 1964.

Graeme and Gwenda, 1964

Albany Bowls Club, 1960s

At the Albany Bowls Club in the 1960s.

Blanche (right) With Maud and John, about 1984.

Maud, John, and Blanche, 1984

Blanche at 25 Lancaster Road

Blanche at home at 25 Lancaster Road.

Ralton, Gwyneth and Brian, 1984.

Ralton, Gwyneth, and Brian, 1984

Eion, Jean, Jennifer, Graeme, and Gwenda, 1996

Eion, Jean, Jennifer, Graeme and Gwenda, 1996.

Gwyneth and Ian, 1950s.

Gwyneth and Ian, 1953

Blanche, 1953

Blanche, 1950s.