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1.2.3 Sarah Oliver (1865-1934) Youth (-1892)

Sarah was born on 26 February 1865 at Byaduk, Victoria, the oldest child of English-born immigrants John Henry Oliver (1838—1909) and Mary Ann Oliver (née Smith) b.1844.  John and Mary married in 1864 in Hamilton, Victoria.  The couple had six children and [number unknown] grandchildren:

Sarah, (1865—1934).
William Henry (1867—1969).
Horatio, b. 1869.
Eliza Ellen, b. 1871.
Louis Albert, b. 1874.
Frederick, b. 1879.

In 1875, John took up a 320-acre selection at Sailor’s Home, near Horsham.   In 1883 the family moved to nearby Quantong.

A portrait of Sarah in her mid-twenties projects her calm, serious and dutiful temperament.  Her aloof expression is deceptive, perhaps an artifact of her high-arched eyebrows.  In reality her personality was quietly sympathetic.

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