Ian and Blanche



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Person, place, and event names that are underlined are links that describe these things.  If you follow one, and there is no description, then be patient -- it means this is a work in progress, and it just hasn't progressed that far.  As a reader of a web-based document, please understand that explanations of words can be on many levels, and the author has no way of warning you how he intends to describe the word in advance.   For example, when the word "Colony" appears as a link, following it might give you a dictionary definition of the word Colony, or it might further describe the colony in question, or it might go off on some other tangent relating to colonies.   Your best bet is to mouse-over it, see if the address is helpful (the addresses in this web site are very long names designed to tip you off as much as possible before you click) and if not, go there and then come on Back if it's not the direction you wanted to go.

The Preface has a section at the end that describes all the changes I made to the original text to fit the web.

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