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Audio books and stories


Indigenous Australia Indigenous Australia, Stories of the Dreaming


Streaming Audio/Video

See also Music, Radio Stations, and Web Publishers, some of which have streaming Audio.

Music Delivery services, such as a2b music and Liquid Audio do not have very many titles because the music publishers and artists are still very worried that the ability to download music over the Internet will cut into their profits.  These companies have been working with publishers to resolve these issues.  In the mean time, you can get a very small sampling of music delivered on-line.

The IslandJazz from The Island.  You can listen to it, but while it's on, you can't really use your computer, because the website does something to disable "cut and paste".  Very annoying.

Liquid Audio, the next wave in music deliveryMusic Delivery -- Liquid Audio has its own player, "Liquid Audio CD" which you must download to get free samples and purchase music online.

SpinnerSpinner (formerly the DJ) Music Delivery -- Spinner has its own player, and advertises it's is the fastest way for you to access over 100 channels of continuous music via a simple, free interface that works with your Web browser. lets you see music videos using theWindows Media Player.

Real NetworksReal Networks has the RealGuide, which has hundreds of streaming audio sources to choose from. Previously known as homepage_logo.gif (2999 bytes)  Listen to hundreds of radio stations and CDs.  Watch live TV, video and business broadcasts.  Hear live play-by-play of hundreds of college and professional sports teams, all in RealAudio.
You'll need the Real Player "real player" to hear these broadcasts.

Fox News 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, Fox News is here bringing you RealVideo news updates from around the world. Tune in!

Movie Tunes Hundreds of new and classic movie themes, from 1933's KING KONG to the present. Listen to your favorite movie theme in RealAudio.

Comedy Central You will laugh until it hurts when you tune-in to your favorite Comedy Central clips in RealVideo.

Sightings Radio ShowListen to Sightings live Monday-Friday 7-10pm PT, Sundays 8-11pm PT. In his 5th year on radio, Jeff Rense produces the most consistently fascinating talk/information programs in America. With guests second to none, Jeff Rense presents the most advanced information available and interfaces with his guests and listening audience in a unique fashion that has been described by broadcast professionals as "a completely new dimension in talk radio."


Radio Stations


kzla2.gif (8795 bytes)You can listen to country music on KZLA on the Internet.

sa.gif (2696 bytes) Los Angeles AM talk radio station.  Good web site.  Real Audio available.  Read information about news articles.   Contains Stimuland, which needs a password that you can only get by listening to the radio station.

WOR 710 New York New York City AM talk radio station.  Real Audio available.

newlogo3.jpg (22691 bytes)    You can see schedules and a tour of the station on this site, but no audio feed from the station itself.  Too bad.   KNX broadcasts Character Counts, a daily commentary on ethical issues.