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IBM Mainframe and AS/400


For Y2K jokes, see Funnies

The monthly contest for the stupidest thing said about the Year 2000 problem

A compendium of ill-conceived quotes from people who have missed the point of the Y2K problem -- they're worried about elevators and toasters malfunctioning and other imagined problems, while the real issues are left to fester!


Computer Consulting and Research


Robert Frances Group

The Robert Francis Group's research takes the form of e-mails covering topics across the IT spectrum.  It is a fee service, but it isn't very expensive.  It is great if you want to keep current on latest trends and best practices but do not want the burden of having to search through a web site (that's optional). The daily briefings include hyperlinks to associated research, white papers etc., the "yellow pages of white papers", has a search engine linked to more than 18,000 white papers on hardware, software, the web, and numerous other aspects of IT.  Each paper is accompanied by a summary and reader reviews.


David McRitchie

David McRitchie's site: 

David has been writing nifty little routines since long before I met him 20 years ago.  The two main sections of his site are
      "The REXX Macros Toolbox"
      "My Excel Pages"
There is a lot of stuff here.  Enjoy exploring it!

OS/390 (and z/OS) Freeware

Lionel B. Dyck's site:

Here you will find a number of useful tools which can be used as is (some with minimal customization) or serve as examples for your own tools.

This page contains some of the OS/390 Freeware written by Lionel B. Dyck and made available (without any warranty or guarantee). The software was working when it was uploaded and the author accepts bug reports, suggestions, comments, and occasional complaints.

FMS FMS is an Ohio consulting company that specializes in Microsoft Access.  For a good site map to such things as Technical Papers including a comprehensive discussion of the Year 2000 Problem in Microsoft Desktop Application Programs.


Computer Software Vendor Sites


Free Microsoft Seminars

Microsoft provides free streaming audio and video-based content for a wide variety of topics relating to Windows 2000. These seminars are free and are available to be viewed at any time. This resource should definitely be taken advantage of, as it represents an excellent training resource. 

These seminars can be found at

UNIX Utilities for Windows

Free software from Redhat for many of the most popular utilities that UNIX users take for granted.

Synchronizing Directories

Free UNISON software for true replication for selected directories of your laptop or other computers which are not always connected to one another.

Firesign, maker of Outbound Unattended File Transfer from the mainframeFiresign makes Outbound, which connects System/390 to the enterprise. Outbound allows
you to have automated data transfer capabilities between your IBM mainframe and PCs and UNIX workstations.

Applied Software, maker of Super Send / ReceiveApplied Software makes Super Send / Receive (SSR), which is file transfer software for the IBM mainframe: TSO, CICS, and Native VTAM.


Computer Hardware Vendor Sites


HP NetServer Application Sizing  HP9000 UNIX server configurator

HP9000 Server Overview — click "Options and Accessories"

HP9000 Options and Accessories  — search for "rp3400 Server Series"

HP9000 rp3400 Server Series Options and Accessories 

HP NetServer Application Sizing  HP Netserver Application Sizing

IBM Enterprise and Personal Computing Enterprise & Personal Computing IBM Netfinity Servers

IBM Enterprise and Personal Computing

I was delighted to receive a newsletter edited by Michel Teyssedre called the "Executive Consultant Newsletter".  It makes the strongest possible case that the 80-series (F80, H80 and M80) of RS/6000's are far ahead of the competition (HP and Sun).  The key to its success:


IBM Mainframe and AS/400 Computer Sites A Crash Course craze

[by Edward Hurley]

It just hit me that I have been surfing the Web for over 10 years now.  I used to surf with text-based browsers. Remember those?  When I saw Netscape Navigator for the first time, I was like a child on Christmas morning.

The reason I bring this up is because back then one had to surf to find information. There were pre-Google search engines, but their results were hardly comprehensive.

Quite frankly, now I don't have the time to surf for information.  I need it now. I am sure you are in a similar situation. To help you, I have created a series of Crash Courses on specific topics such as COBOL and offshore outsourcing.  I have scoured the site for the best information on those topics.  You would find an exhaustive list of them below:

>> Crash Course: COBOL
>> Crash Course: DB2 basics
>> Crash Course: DB2 SQL errors
>> Crash Course: Regulatory compliance
>> Crash Course: REXX
>> Crash Course: Securing your mainframe
>> Crash Course: Software pricing
>> Crash Course: VSAM
>> Crash Course: z/OS migration

Dear COBOL Report Writer User,

As so many of you requested, there are now PDF (Acrobat) versions available of the three manuals associated with IBM COBOL Report Writer Precompiler (5798-DYR).

Simply log on to our website and click Download.

Search390.Com Search390.Com provides you with a vast complement of FREE 390 technical resources online with 390-related links, news, tech tips, and expert advice all in one place.

History of the IBM Mainframe History of the IBM Mainframe (mirror)

Mainframe Week Internet Magazine The Online Journal for Mainframe Professionals.  Xephon, publishers of the "MVS Update" and "CICS Update" magazines, have started this new, free, weekly Mainframe html online journal

SoftLanding Systems IBM AS/400 and Client Server Software and Services.  Formed in 1988, SoftLanding is dedicated to delivering quality system management software and services to the IBM AS/400 System user community. SoftLanding's products include help desk management, project management, software change management, configuration management (SCM), Software distribution and menu management (access administration) software.

Candle Candle, makes IBM mainframe performance monitoring tools.  Publishes the Candle Computer Report (CCR) which helps systems programmers understand and maintain system performance.

IBMLINK - Partner Info

IBM Documentation Library

AIX 5L Version 5.2 Books 
System Management Guides 
Installation Guides 
System User's Guides
Programming Guides
Product and Application Documentation
Reference Documentation
Technical References
Tasks and Topics Administrator Howto's
Tasks and Topics User Howto's

IBM Bookshelves

IBM TechDocs -ATS and Techline technical information

IBM S/390 Service Update Facility

BMC Software

El Camino Resources Ltd.

RealAppsLogo.gif (3791 bytes) El Camino is a leasing company that also provides Disaster Recovery, Maintenance, Technical Support and other services for mainframes, AS/400's, and server platforms.


Computer Training

IBM Training

Technical Conferences ibmedu/conf
IBM Redbooks