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Wells FargoWells Fargo Bank is one of the larger banks in California, and offers its customers an "ATM-Only" account that reduces or eliminates monthly fees and minimum balance requirements.  For no extra charge, customers may access their accounts -- transfer funds between accounts, print statements, view transaction information -- through the Internet.  I've been a Wells Fargo customer since 1992, and find their computerized support to be excellent.  Their competitors have criticized Wells Fargo in radio ads for their lack of personalized attention in offering ATM-Only accounts, capitalizing on customers' fear of extra charges for seeing a teller.  It's true Wells Fargo charges extra for services rendered by a teller, but only those services that could be done by phone, Internet, or ATM.  In over eight years I have not needed to speak to a teller for one of these services, so I'm at a loss to understand why people are swayed by this advertising.



Brokers, Exchanges



Chicago Mercantile ExchangeCME, Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

SEC: Securities and Exchange CommissionU.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, regulates the exchanges.


Quotes and News


Information Week 100 Stock Prices (was with links to company profiles and recent news.


Investment Advice, Tricks, Screening


The Motley FoolThe Motley Fool gives conservative investment advice for the average small investor.  This website seeks to explain the fundamentals of stock valuation, and hosts message boards for members (membership is free) to communicate with one another about particular stocks.  The Motley Fool offers a weekly radio show, to which you can listen any time over the Internet.

The Raging BullThe Raging Bull  is leading the investor revolution by providing more than 1.7 million individual investors with access to the discussions and information previously reserved for investing professionals. Raging Bull levels the investing playing field by providing free real-time stock quotes, news, original editorial and more than 10,000 dynamic discussion boards. Recently cited by Media Metrix as the second "stickiest" financial site used at work and third "stickiest" financial site used at home and selected as one of Forbes Magazine’s "Best on the Web", Raging Bull has grown to a community of more than 300,000 registered members who rely on the site for the information they need before making an investing decision.  AltaVista (owned by CMGI, Inc) acquired Raging Bull in 1999. 

Stock Market Crash IndexUsing a proprietary  measure of stock market performance, this website seeks to predict the next crash in time for you to exit "risky" positions in time to avoid a substantial loss.

Zacks Investment ResearchZacks Investment Research a financial website, featuring Today's Extreme EPS Surprises a financial website

Dreyfus Brokerage Company

Edgar Online, The Source for Today's SEC InformationEdgar Online, "The Source for Today's SEC Information" such as quarterly filings and other company information.
Stock symbol:

Hoover's OnlineHoover's Online company information.  Stock symbol:

Stock MasterStockMaster, a financial website.

First CallThomson First Call, noted for providing analysis of expected stock earnings.

Bloomberg WebsiteBloomberg, a financial information website

Yahoo FinanceYahoo Finance, noted for providing analysis of eYahoo Economic and Treasury Calendarxpected stock earnings.

DBC Online, America's Leading Provider of Real-time Market Data to the Individual InvestorDBC Online, "America's Leading Provider of Real-time Market Data to the Individual Investor" has rebranded itself, becoming

WSRN: Wall Street Research NetWSRN, Wall Street Research Net

Wall Street CityWall Street City, a financial information website

William F. Sharpe's Home Page, was but may no longer exist.

The Fortitude FundsThe Fortitude Funds, a financial information website

Standard and Poor's  S&P Index InformationStandard and Poor's Index Services, a financial information website

Westergaard Broadcasting, a financial information website

News AlertNewsAlert, a financial information website

Market PlayerMarket Player, a financial information website


newbugg.gif (2796 bytes)Formerly known as "Market Edge", Thomson Investors Network looks like an investment newspaper.   Annual subscription for $34.95.  Features include News, Stocks, Funds, Resources, and Opinion.  Features include Bob Gabele's Insider Tip of the Day.   Resources include the Education Center (Financial Planning, Retirement, College, and Glossary of Financial Terms) and Municipal Bond Guides (Tax-Exempt Muni Bonds and Triple A Rated Insured Muni Bonds).  Member Forums (Insider Trading, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Money Talks), Perspectives (Money Talks Magazine -- The Daily Investment Magazine for the serious individual investor, providing a variety of perspectives on the market from well-known analysts including Leif Olsen, Robert Metz, and Nancy Dunnan.), Insider Action (Stock of the Day, Tip of the Day, Insider's Periscope, and Insider's Chronicle), Municipal Bonds (Regional Review, Market Overview), and Shareholder News