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The Bible, King James version

LDS Scriptures  Scriptures, from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Information for School Reports

See also my Language Links for dictionaries and such.

  NoodleTools is a suite of interactive tools designed to aid students and professionals with their online research. From selecting a search engine and finding some relevant sources, to citing those sources in MLA or APA style

California Home Page (Topics include Travel & Vacations, Doing Business, Living & Learning, Working, Natural Resources, Environmental Protection, Your Government, Emergency Relief)

California State Insignia (was at (State Animal, Bird, Color, Dance Fife and Drum Corps, Fish, Flag, Flower, Folk Dance, Fossil, Gemstone, Insect, Marine Fish, Marine Mammal, Mineral, Motto, Nickname, Poet Laureate, Prehistoric Artifact, Reptile, Rock, Seal, Soil, Song, Theater, and Tree)

Catholic Encyclopedia

Encycopedia BritannicaEncyclopedia Britannica Online

The Library of Economics And Liberty contains books and reprinted articles, and, above all, the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

Fact Monster, from Information Please 

Contains an encyclopedia, World and News, U.S., People, Word Wise, Science, Math, Sports, Cool Stuff, Games and Quizzes, and Homework Cenbter.

Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing 

Contains a glossary of computer terms.

Brendan's On-Line Anagram Generator

Put in "Printer Cable", and you'll get Prince Albert.  Not bad.

Xreferxrefer was once a giant free online reference library, in fact, all the reference books that you’d expect to find in any good reference library.  But when I checked in July, 2003, it was nothing more than a promise and a request for payment.  Good luck, guys!

arXivA non-peer-reviewed journal of Physics, Mathematics, Nonlinear Sciences, Computer Science, and Quantitative Biology.  It contains some hilarious pseudo-math, such as this proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, which is a whole lot simpler than any published so far.  (Never mind that it doesn't give any actual reason that the solutions to xn+yn=zn (n≥3) aren't integers.)

lying in ponds
The absurdity of partisanship
Lying in Ponds is an attempt to quantify and analyze partisanship in the American punditocracy. Lying in Ponds believes that a lack of excessive partisanship is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for constructive punditry. The views of pundits who are excessively partisan cannot be taken seriously, because their ulterior motives or uncontrolled biases are certain to frequently contaminate their judgements.

Lying in Ponds currently tracks the Democratic and Republican biases of all of the regular political columnists from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post

EDISList of assorted Encyclopedias on the Web
Biology - Environment - Medicine
bulletBotany, The Encyclopedia of Plants
bulletDictionary of Cell Biology
bulletEcoCyc: Encyclopedia of E. Coli Genes and Metabolism
bulletThe Encyclopedia of Desalination and Water Resources
bulletThe Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems
bulletThe Herbal Encyclopedia
bulletHinCyc: Encyclopedia of Haemophilus Influenzae Genes and Metabolism
bulletKEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes, no longer available, was Time-Life Plant Encyclopedia
Crafts - Hobbies - Sports
bulletChess Encyclopedia, no longer available, was Encyclopedia Aquatica, no longer available, was The Weavercraft Encyclopedia
Cultures - Geography - History
bulletEncyclopedia of British History: 1700-1930, no longer works, was the Encyclopedia of the Celts
bulletEncyclopedia of the First World War
bulletEncyclopedia of the Orient
bulletORB On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Economics - Finance
bulletInternational Financial Encyclopedia
General Knowledge
bulletGrolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Online
Internet, no longer available, was Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
bulletFree Internet Encyclopedia, no longer available, was the Internet Society Encyclopedia
Mathematics - Computing
bulletCVonline: The Evolving, Distributed, Non-Proprietary, On-Line Compendium of Computer Vision
bulletEdinburgh Online Graphics Dictionary
bulletEDIS: Encyclopedia of Delay-Insensitive Systems
bulletSloane's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
bulletWorld Of Mathematics (MathWorld) (related to Eric Weisstein's Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics, CRC Press, 1998)
Mysticism - Mythology
bulletThe Encyclopedia Mythica, no longer available, was The Mystica: An on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more...
bulletThe Internet Encyclopedia of Philosopy
bulletStanford Encyclopedia of Philosopy
Physics - Cosmology, no longer available, was Encyclopedia of Cosmology
bulletThe Catholic Encyclopedia
Social Sciences
bulletEncyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict (not on-line)




The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verseThe preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge.



(See also Music CD's and Movie Info)



U.S. Supreme Court casefinder, from 1790 to present - cross-references the case titles with the citations (book and page)

U.S. Supreme Court opinions 1991 - present - official text of bound volumes

U.S. Supreme Court opinions 1937-1975 - unofficial text (but this is a government website)

U.S. Supreme Court opinions 1893 - present - unofficial text of cases from

U.S. Supreme Court opinions, volumes 1-545+ - unofficial text of cases from

U.S. Supreme Court opinions - unoffical text of cases from (hard to find specific citation)

Other federal and state opinions 1990 - present - unofficial text of cases from

U.S. Code - unofficial text of laws passed by Congress; links to other federal and state codes

Internet Legal -- the law firm of Hassett, Cohen, Beitchman & Goldstein, LLPThe law firm of Hassett, Cohen, Beitchman & Goldstein, LLP created the InternetLegal page to educate surfers about the law.  You can read many articles on topics such as Fair Use, Licensing, and Privacy.  Nine areas of law are featured: Computer Law, Internet Law, Technology, Corporate Law, Franchise Law, Wills and Estates, Entertainment Law, Copyright Law, and Trademark Law.


A whole web page with hundreds of links for Mathematics Resource pages.




Access Excellence -- The site for bioscience teachers and learners originally developed by Genentech, Inc.Adventure Learning Foundation

Virtual Expeditions take students and teachers on journeys of discovery, exploration and mystery while promoting greater understanding of and between people of different cultures around the world.

Access Excellence -- The site for bioscience teachers and learners originally developed by Genentech, Inc.Information about our universe, galaxy, solar system...
[ Our Planet ] [ Our Solar System ] [ The Universe ] [ Myths ]
[ Art, Books & Films ] [ Space Missions ] [ People ] [ Headline Universe ]
[ Cool Stuff ] [ Data ] [ Geology ] [ Life ] [ Sun ] [ Kids' Space ]
[ Teacher Resources ] [ Ask A Scientist ] [ Workbook ] [ Fun & Games ]
[ Tools ] [ The HIGH TIDE Project ] [ SPA Open House ] [ SPARC ]
[ Space Weather ]
Access Excellence -- The site for bioscience teachers and learners originally developed by Genentech, Inc.Information and history of bioscience and genetic research.  Biographies of James Dewey Watson, Rosalind Franklin, and others.  Other topics include Issues and Ethics, Biotech Applied, (Pharmaceuticals, Food, Farms, & Forensics), and Careers


The Physical World
Maps, Geology, Astronomy, Climate, etc.

MapquestGreat for finding directions to Sports Arenas, Amusement Parks, etc. -- You can see maps and get driving directions from anywhere to anywhere!

MaporamaPerfect for finding your way around the world!

TravelmatePerfect for finding your way around Australia

National AtlasThe National Atlas of the United States®  updates a large bound collection of paper maps that was published in 1970.  It promotes national geographic awareness.  It delivers easy to use, map-like views of America's natural and sociocultural landscapes.

SCEDC - Southern California Earthquake Data CenterThe Southern California Earthquake Data Center.  Our mission: To maintain an easily-accessible, well-organized, high-quality, searchable archive of earthquake data for research in seismology and earthquake engineering.

If you live in Southern California, and you feel an earthquake, click Did you feel it? to report it.

National Weather ServiceThe source for your current OFFICIAL weather warnings, observations, and forecasts.  Click on the U.S. map, then click the state of your choice.  Click the city in your state map for current conditions.  Or click the button labeled "ZONE forecast".   This is the weather forecast for the whole state.  Now use the "FIND" command to find the city or county you're most interested in, and read it.  It's hard to understand because it's written in "weather-ese" but it is the most authoritative forecast for any area of the U.S.  Sometimes the "Extended Forecast" is present, but other times it is missing.  Good luck!

NOAAClimate -- long-term historical weather records.  Hint: look at all the weather stations in your state to see which ones have information for the years you care about and are reasonably near you.  Ask for a graph, and then click the link that says "download database"

Additional links: Main page is

USGS Geographic Names Information System

Files for each state have the following data for each feature:

Feature ID Number (FID)
State Alpha Code
Feature Name
Feature Type
County Name
State Number Code (FIPS Code)
County Number Code (FIPS Code)
Primary Latitude (DMS)
Primary Longitude (DMS)
Primary Latitude (decimal degrees)
Primary Longitude (decimal degrees)
Source Latitude (DMS)
Source Longitude (DMS)
Source Latitude (decimal degrees)
Source Longitude (decimal degrees)
Estimated Population
Federal Status
Cell Name

Note: Feature Type of "ppl" is a populated place, such as a city or town.

Go to the section labeled "Delimited Format Files using pipe symbol", and find the file for the state you're interested in, and then either save it in a text file (right click, save file as...) or copy sections of it, and paste them into Excel.  Then use Data -> Text-to-columns, giving the pipe character (|) as the delimiter.  Note the latitude and longitude for input to the more accurate information provided by the USGS Datasheets.

NGS Datasheet Page -- click "Datasheets" to get NGS Datasheets, by Radial Search

NGS means National Geodetic Survey.  To find information about any point, first determine its coordinates.  Example: Mt. Whitney is 36º34'42" N, 118º17'33" W, so enter the coordinates as N363442, W1181733.  Then adjust the radius -- if your coordinates are accurate to the second, then you should set it to 0.1 because a second is 0.02 miles.  If only the minutes are accurate, then set the radius to 3 miles, because a minute is a little over a mile.  Then click "Select all", then click "Get datasheets".  You will then see the datasheets, concatenated together.  Each datasheet is numbered, and contains "CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL" information giving longitude, latitude, and elevation in meters and feet.  Near the bottom of each data sheet is a verbal description of the marker, or "station", whose position is identified by the data sheet.


Census Information

U.S. Census Bureau -- The Official StatisticsThe U. S. Census Bureau offers statistics on everything from international trade data to federal funds reports.

U.S. Census Bureau -- The Official Statistics provides a Running tally of such measures as World Population; Deaths from various causes (cancer, HIV, smoking, car crashes, etc.); Govt. expenditures on military and education; Cars, bicycles, computers, books, tons of food, cigarettes, and total energy produced in this year; Movies seen; Forest loss; Carbon dioxide emissions; Lightning strikes to earth.


If you've always thought you weren't smart enough to "get" Einstein, think again.  Jason W. Hinson explains relativity -- both special (without gravity) and general (with gravity) in a way that even a dope like me can understand.  Check it out: "Relativity and FTL Travel"  (reproduced here with permission) by Jason W. Hinson


High School Reunions


New Jersey 101.5 Class ReunionThis radio station is offering itself as the headquarters for class reunions in New Jersey.  To see the upcoming New Jersey high school reunions, click the "Big Yellow Directory" icon, then click the "Reunion Calendar" icon.

Classmates.ComA nationwide registry of high school graduates.  You can register free, and you can see which of your classmates also registered, but you'll need to pay to contact them.


911 Conspiracy Theories was the first 911 conspiracy website I found, just by accident.  I was looking for the "Secura Com" home security company, and just stumbled on this, because a company with the same name happened to be implicated somehow in the disaster.  That led me to

Morgan Reynolds: has links to other sites, including Pictures of the 911 disaster, and, which stresses scientific plausibility, and includes articles written by mathematician A.K.Dewdney